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Guide to gifting

Special moments, like the birth of a child, a graduation, or wedding, as well as annual celebrations such as Christmas, anniversaries, or birthdays, are a precious opportunity to give special gifts to your loved ones and show how much you appreciate your relationships.

Use the opportunity and read our tips on how to choose the perfect gift from our silver and golden garden, one which will be passed down through the generations. 


Special moments

Birth of a child

Your baby was just born. After months of waiting, your little bundle of joy is finally here. Choose a gift for the new mother to appreciate all the effort she put into the pregnancy and birth. Flowers are a charming symbol of new life. No matter if you pick a single silver flower, a small or large bouquet of silver or gold, your gift will forever remind the mother of your appreciation and the joy you gave her.


The infinite beauty of flowers. Graduating a high school or university is quite a milestone. Appreciate it by gifting an original present inspired by the precious beauty of nature and imbued with masterful craftsmanship.

Business partners and special guests

Partnership is a part of life and its meaning to us and our work needs to be appreciated from time to time. Browse our extraordinary golden bouquets and pick the perfect gift for your business partners and colleagues to appreciate their contribution, friendship, and loyalty. Read our tips on graceful, masterfully crafted flowers of gold and learn how to choose the right gift for your special guests. Be it a friendly, political, business, professional, or any other visit, show that you hold your guests in high regard.


A wedding is the start of the bride and groom’s shared future. Traditionally, the bride and groom exchange special gifts before the ceremony. And what better choice than to gift the bride a bouquet of delicate flowers of silver or gold? You can also browse our selection of gifts for your wedding guests to appreciate their attendance, or wedding gifts for the newlyweds.

Bar and bat mitzvah

Bar mitzvah (bar and bat mitzvah) is a coming-of-age ritual underwent by Jewish boys and girls on their 13th and 12th birthday, respectively. Celebrate this day with a precious flower of silver or gold. What truly matters, though, is that you attend this special ritual in person. And because the children still haven’t really started out in life, are interested in many different things, and can expect to experience many more changes, give them a gift that’s timeless and serves as a lasting memento.

Annual celebrations


Annual birthday celebrations are the ideal opportunity to give your loved one a meaningful gift and show how much you care about them. Receiving a GIYOU gift is a special experience, both now and in the future. Browse our selection of silver and golden flowers to pick the perfect birthday gift. You can also add a new flower every year, to celebrate the birthday girl or boy’s big day.


Celebrate a new milestone on the journey of your commitment and appreciate it with a special bouquet of anniversary flowers. You can gift a bouquet of as many floral jewels as your anniversary years, or add a new flower to your bouquet whenever your anniversary rolls around. Learn about Eternity bouquets and regular gifting.


Christmas is a magical time of the year. It’s also a time of gifting. Make it even more unforgettable and give your loved ones’ masterful jewel flowers as a Christmas present. Every family member likes to get something special for Christmas, which makes the season an ideal opportunity to set up the family vase tradition, be it as a gift for your daughter, mother, or grandmother.

Valentine gifts

Show your feelings. Browse our special Valentine bouquets of silver, pink, and red flowers and wow your loved one with an extraordinary show of love.

Mother’s Day

Celebrating this holiday is the least we can do to appreciate the many contributions mothers and grandmothers make for their families. Show your heartfelt appreciation. Browse our silver flowers and celebrate your mum with a gift she might hesitate to buy for herself.


Every year in late October, Hindus, Sikhs, as well as some Buddhists and Jinnists, celebrate the festival of Diwali. It lasts five days and is one of the most popular holidays in the Indian part of world. It’s characterised by celebration and ritual, including the ritual of gift giving. The tradition dictates that one shows their loved ones regard and respect, and is taken quite seriously.

Gift giving is an important part of Diwali and a way to demonstrate the love, gratitude you feel for the gods. Golden flowers can make for a great Diwali gift. Gold plays an important role during the holiday and golden gifts or jewellery are viewed as a sign of good luck. Browse GIYOU golden flowers and pick the perfect Diwali gift. Learn about our flowers of 24 karat gold.


Over the course of eight days, Jewish families all over the world celebrate Hanukkah (also known as the Festival of Lights) by continuing many different traditions centred around food, gift giving, and meeting. Jews are well-known arts and jewellery enthusiasts and the Jewish nation is sometimes likened to blossoming flowers. Gift giving is an intrinsic part of this holiday. Take a look at the silver flowers from our extraordinary garden and pick the perfect Hanukkah gift. Learn about the possibility of shipping precious flowers to your friends and relatives if you can’t celebrate the holiday together. Or purchase a silver bouquet to decorate your Hanukkah table.

Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year marks the start of a new year according to the lunar calendar. It’s a time of family reunions, many traditions, and gift giving. The holiday is celebrated every year in February, always on a different day as seen from the perspective of the standard international calendar. In China, the traditional celebrations last 16 days - from the Lunar New Year to the Lantern Festival. The Lunar New Year is celebrated in China, East and South Asia, and in the Middle East. It’s a very important holiday in many cultures. Read our tips on how to pick the perfect gift from our extraordinary, lucky golden garden and celebrate the Lunar New Year in a unique way.