Gifts for bar and bat mitzvah

Commemorate bar and bat mitzvah with a flower of silver or gold. What truly matters, though, is that you attend this special coming-of-age ritual in person. And because the children still haven’t really started out in life, are interested in many different things, and can expect to experience many more changes, give them a gift that’s timeless and serves as a lasting memento.

Tips on gifts for bar and bat mitzvah

1. Silver flowers for bar and bat mitzvah

Pick the receiver’s favourite flowers and gift them a single silver flower or a small silver bouquet.

2. Bouquet of ten silver flowers for bar and bat mitzvah

Take a look at various bouquets of ten silver flowers

3. A single or couple of golden flowers

Pick a single or couple of graceful golden flowers to give as a bar mitzvah gift

4. Pick a vase for your flowers

Pick a glass, porcelain, or rare vase for your flowers

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