GIYOU mastery is all about subtle, precise handiwork. We handle precious metals with care, taking account their special aesthetics and details, bringing the art of jewellery-making to life, from the initial design to the final touches.

We create an environment where flowers thrive and provide them with an equal measure of attention, human artistry, sense of beauty, obsession with detail, precision, and thought. We get to know our flowers and spend a lot of time with them.

Such work leads not only to unique outcomes each and every time, but also preserves and develops the craftsmanship legacy and historic characteristics of the Czech lands - thoughtfulness, depth, and masterful handiwork.

GIYOU designer sketches flowers

Studying live flowers

Every flower has its specifics and can be interpreted in various ways. That’s why we start the process by studying, sketching, and thinking.

The shape of the blossom is especially important - the floral envelope, stamens, pistil, footstalk, and peduncle - as well as the arrangement of its components. We observe the live flower in its various stages of development. At this stage, our tables are full of flowers, vases, sketches, pencils, and research books. We want to understand the flower as best as possible; only that way can it inspire us.

The final outcome? The idea of a model, and the designer’s ability to begin working on it.

GIYOU designer working on model of flower

Jewellery design

This part lays strong foundations for further work. The first wax model is scratched out, to be further made in silver and finalised. The method of manufacture is decided. The process of making a wax model usually takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. If the model doesn’t turn out well, the work begins all over.

When choosing new flowers, we consider their shape, suitability for being included in bouquets, and manufacturability.

We create new flower species every year. And after a while, we also discontinue certain species, leaving only a couple of pieces for presentation and ending the production. 

Golden flowers in the course of goldsmith production


Our jewellery masters bring every GIYOU flower to life with great passion and enthusiasm. The process entails many steps, from pouring and soldering to grinding and polishing. We work with silver of 925/1000 fineness and gold of 585/1000, 750/1000, or 999/1000 fineness.

Despite technological advancements, GIYOU workshops give off the feeling of time stopped in its tracks. We rely on our hands, and our amazing handicrafts are made using techniques and tools which have been used in jewellery-making for centuries.

Thanks to their experience, taking into account the nature of precious metals used, jewellery masters shape the metal and turn it into a work of art.

Gift box with GIYOU silver flowers before shipment to customer

Once manufactured and on its way to you

Once the manufacturing is finished, the flowers are inspected thoroughly and hallmarked. Only when they meet GIYOU’s highest quality standards is the work of art complete.

We pour a lot of time, care, and passion into each piece which is why every GIYOU flower is imbued with timeless value and beauty.

The flowers are handled with cotton gloves to make sure they reach customers looking their best. A certificate of origin is always included and the flower gift-wrapped.

Once the shipment is dispatched, we track the parcel until it reaches you -to make an awe-aspiring gift or become a subtle, yet dominant feature in your space.