Large bouquet of golden flowers on a grand piano, Home décor.

Floral jewellery for your home

The beauty of unique flowers and joy of masterful craftsmanship and lasting value to brighten your home. Coming back home will feel like entering a land of precious flowers. Read our tips on how to decorate your home with floral jewellery.

Tips on decorating your home with floral jewellery

A single silver flower or a large bouquet of golden flowers for original decoration of your home

1. Silver bouquets for your vase

Browse our selection of silver bouquets of different sizes. Discover more about the aesthetics of silver in the interior.

2. Large bouquet of golden flowers in your home

Discover the rare beauty of large golden bouquets and their potential in home décor. Discover more about the aesthetics of gold in the interior  and 24 karat gold.

3. Exclusive bespoke bouquets for home décor

Tell us your ideas for an original bespoke bouquet or flowers or flowers of 24 ct gold. Your order can concern special species, decoration of large spaces, or flowers to put into large vases or multiple vases to decorate your home or other spaces. Please contact our customer support team by sending an email to or calling +420 777 555 531.

4. Pick a vase

Pick a glass, porcelain, or rare vase for your floral home décor.

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Silver 925/1000, gold 585/1000 (14 ct), 750/1000 (18 ct), 999/1000 (24 ct) 

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