Flowers from our silver garden

The silver we use

We use only 925/1000 sterling silver to make our silver flowers.

Why silver flowers?


  • Silver has a very striking colour and shine
  • In terms of appearance, silver is softer than gold, underscoring the visual softness of the flowers
  • White gold and platinum have a colour similar to silver but aren’t as affordable


  • 925/1000 silver is harder than gold and jewel flowers made from it stay durable for a long time
  • Just like gold and platinum, silver doesn’t react with most chemicals, doesn’t rust or corrode, and is relatively resistant. It reacts with hydrogen sulphide, an air-polluting substance which causes a superficial grey opacity. However, silver is very easy to clean. Additionally, our silver flowers are galvanised (keep reading)


  • Silver is one of the most affordable precious metals.
  • This allows you to purchase beautiful quality flowers at a much lower price than what you’d pay for gold, while enjoying the metal’s charming appearance and other qualities.


  • Silver is a famous metal with a strong tradition going for well over 5000 years. In the past, it was used in jewellery-making, but also for making tools, in trade, and as the basis of monetary systems.


Silver flowers are treated using a special form of galvanising to ensure the colour will stay bright for a long time. A layer of fine silver (999/1000) is applied, along with a very fine layer of protective varnish to prevent air from reaching the silver. This slows down the silver’s natural oxidation process significantly. If the flowers are kept in a suitable environment, they will retain their bright colour for quite a while. Still, the effect of galvanising is only temporary. We recommend adhering to our instructions in order to preserve it for as long as possible. Jewel flowers can always be re-galvanised. If you’re interested in having your silver flowers re-galvanised, contact us.

Silver flowers are never treated with rhodium as such a procedure would cost it its beautiful colour and it wouldn’t be silver anymore.

The aesthetic of silver in interior spaces

Silver and silver home décor is a classic, timeless and universal, i.e. it works quite well with any interior space, material, and colour. Silver floral jewellery imbues your space with elegance, sophistication, a touch of luxury and history, but also modernity, without any of these qualities clashing. Silver flowers will become a tasteful centre of attention in any place you put them in.

Pick a suitable vase for your silver flowers.

Taking care of your silver

Learn about how to look after your silver flowers here.