How to return or exchange goods

Can I return goods without giving a reason?
Yes, goods can be returned without giving a reason, within 30 days of their purchase. They have to be returned intact and in the original packaging.  

How do I return the goods?
Send us a notice of contract withdrawal. We recommend you use our withdrawal form (form - here). Please fil it in, sign it, and send it along with the goods being returned to AND LILAC s.r.o., Saky 3, 273 08 Třebichovice, the Czech Republic.

Should I return the goods with the original packaging?
If possible, return the goods in the condition in which you received it - complete, intact, and in the original packaging. Pack the goods well to prevent any damage. Envelopes or bubble wrap usually aren’t a suitable option; opt for a sturdy box instead. Label the box “RETURN–WITHDRAWAL”.

Can all goods be returned?
It isn’t possible to withdraw from contract regarding the sale of wedding flowers, bespoke flowers, and other bespoke products (article 9 of general terms and conditions). This provision doesn’t affect your right to make a complaint about defective goods.

When will I be refunded the purchase price?
We do our best to refund you the purchase price as soon as possible, typically within 14 days of the day we receive your goods and withdrawal notice.

Can I make a complaint about the goods and request them to be repaired or exchanged?
Yes, if your goods are defective and under warranty (24 months), you can request primarily that they be repaired or exchanged or withdraw from the contract. Our general terms and conditions include warranty terms and the terms of making a complaint about defective goods (particularly article 12). If you wish to make a complaint about a defect, contact us or use our complaint form (form - here).

If you have any questions contact us by calling +420-775-555-531 or sending an email to

Return form - here

Complaint form - here