What makes the brand special and what does it contribute?


We’re the sole manufacturer focusing on creation of silver and golden flowers of this particular type, design, and use. New flower species are introduced every year. The production of some is time-limited, however, and discontinued after a while, helping to keep the flowers exclusive.


The flowers are handmade using traditional jewellery-making techniques. This not only guarantees high-quality detailing and makes every single piece unique, but also helps preserve crafting heritage and traditions. 


We’re defining a new category of luxury products and a new type of floriculture  jewellery-making. This comes with new terminology, introducing such concepts as ‘jewel flowers’ ‘family vase’, ‘wedding flowers’, ‘engagement flowers’, etc.  We’ve become a pioneer in the luxury jewellery and gift market, and wish to spearhead this new category, deepen it, and pass it down to the next generation.


We care about your experience and about having a close relationship with you. If you decide to just take a walk around our rare  garden and nothing more, we’ll still appreciate it. You can also visit our showroom and communicate with the manufacturers in person, browse our products, and discuss your requirements. The same will be provided at GIYOU GARDEN or under the umbrella of our services.