What makes a rare garden attractive

Garden with blooming flowers

Garden, flowers, and jewellery 

GIYOU is based on the garden, flowers, and jewellery.

Gardens are a place of growth, pleasure-seeking, natural reality, meditation, play of senses and experiences, aesthetics and representation. GIYOU was born from fascination with a garden, and desire to create a similarly enriching space for others where a mere walk would be an experience in and of itself, with the unique floral products serving many purposes.

Flowers are one of the prettiest natural things there are, traditionally associated with beauty. GIYOU gave them a unique spin, adding a touch of elegance, quality craftsmanship, and exclusivity. And though artificial, GIYOU does retain a part of fresh flowers.

And jewellery is related to the desire for beauty, tradition, personal connection with another person, power, and arts.

Vase with golden flowers in bookcase

Eternal beauty

GIYOU freezes the beauty of flowers in time, making the joy they provide last longer. Vases cease to be “crystal executioners” and instead become a home to permanent brilliant beauty, which can evoke feelings of history or tradition and promote human relationships.

A woman holding gifted golden flowers from a man

New category of gifts 

GIYOU flowers have introduced an entirely new category of gifts, as well as a novel way to celebrate holidays and your special moments.

Two smiling woman holding silver and golden flowers

Changeable jewellery

The flowers’ diversity, the constant cultivation of new species, and the option to compile them into bouquets encourage collecting and regular gifting. GIYOU, that’s floral jewellery which changes from one moment to another.

Flowers of gold in a glass vase at home

Fineness, joy, and craftsmanship

GIYOU carry the main emotions flowers are imbued with - joy, fineness, and beauty. These qualities can combinie with a sense of pride in unique craftsmanship and generational value.

Two daffodils of gold

Versatility of flowers

Because customers can pick from materials of different values, as well as different sizes, the flowers are a good fit for any occasion.

Large bouquef of golden flowers of 24 carat gold

Luxury and uniqueness

And some of them, especially large golden bouquets, bouquets of pure gold, or extraordinary bespoke products, evoke a strong sense of luxury and uniqueness.