Some practical questions you ask us

Where will I be wearing the flowers?

You can pick or buy fresh flowers, derive joy from them, gift them on various occasions, or place them in a vase to decorate your home. The same goes for our precious flowers. They’ll be your constant companions even though you won’t be wearing them on the body or clothes, and will never wither.

Aren’t the flowers small?

They’re neither too small, nor too large. GIYOU flowers are usually only as large as their fresh counterpart. When selecting which flowers to make and how tall, we strive to keep the end product light, easy to present, and suitable for including into a bouquet. 

What are the flowers made of?

925/1000 silver, 585/1000 gold, 750/1000 gold, or 999/1000 gold.

Do the pictured flowers look the same in real life?

The pictures are perfectly realistic. It was important for us to present the flowers to you just as they are. 

Doesn’t silver deteriorate over time?

Silver is a magical, special, vibrant metal. Its oxidation is a natural process. But although silver patina can look nice, we want to make sure the material stays bright for a long time and galvanise our silver flowers, using a special method applying fine silver. Silver isn’t treated with other metals (e.g. rhodium) because such a procedure would cost it its beautiful colour and it wouldn’t be silver anymore. Despite silver not being as stable as gold in this regard, the galvanisation should ensure that your silver flowers stay bright for a long time. Moreover, you can have us re-galvanise your flowers at any point.

How many new species do you make and when?

Each year we introduce a few new flower species (4 to 6). Most are announced in March, around the first day of springr, though some can be launched at a different time. After a while, the manufacturing of certain species is discontinued - we retain a couple of remaining specimens for exhibition purposes and cease production, promoting the flowers’ exclusivity.

What makes GIYOU unique?

We haven’t found anything like our silver and golden flowers (in terms of use, manufacturing, or philosophy) anywhere else in the world. But we didn’t start creating them to achieve this primacy. We wanted to make flowers which would provide entirely new, valuable experiences, retain the effortlessness and emotions of fresh flowers, and at the same time carry a meaning that would surpass that conveyed by their fresh counterparts. We believe that this, along with the use of the flowers and their masterful craftsmanship, is where the brand’s true uniqueness lies.

Where can I keep the flowers?

Preferably in a vase. They also look good in a glass showcase. We trust you’ll be able to harness your creativity and taste to come up with many other solutions.

How can I present the flowers as a gift?

In person just like you would fresh-cut flowers, in a gift box, or in a vase. We can also deliver your bouquet bound.

Do GIYOU flowers constitute jewellery?

In a sense, yes - the manufacturing is based on a jewellery-making technique, using silver and gold. But the flowers’ main purpose isn’t to be worn on the body or clothes. If GIYOU flowers need to be categorised at all, they could be called jewellery, or objet d'art, made of precious metals. But for us, they are all about flowers.

You’ll find more questions and answers in the FAQ section. If you can’t find the answer to your particular question, send an email to or call +420-775-555-531.