GIYOU ethics and sustainability policy

Company, social, and business ethics

GIYOU jewelry flowers are made by a small family business. The relationships within the company, and so far many of our most important relationships with business partners, are close and personal. We want to be creating beautiful things at a beautiful place, in a beautiful world. This is reflected in our activities, our worldview, and our other actions. We believe it’s important to give back to the community, not only by means of financial contributions. The professional and ethical nature of the company and our products is such a matter of course to us that we feel it unnecessary to formulate rules governing this area. And we trust our activities and the outcome of our work speak louder than words.

Our products

  • We want to produce quality, sustainable products. Our silver and golden flowers are circular products by nature as they can be repaired or recycled into a new product. The jewelry business as a whole is also more sustainable than other industries as the consumers tend to pass their jewels down the generations. We want our products to last a long time; we’re not interested in making fast fashion that breaks down soon. The design of our silver and golden flowers is timeless and can be expected to stay popular for a long time;

  • All our products are made locally in Czechia, saving us the need to deliver samples, materials, or products (from) abroad. We intend to keep production in the country;

  • We aren’t engaged in large-series production. Instead, we focus on narrow, very specific products - silver and golden flowers. The flowers are hand-made using a jewelry-making technique, and only in numbers we can actually sell. We don’t stock up unnecessarily;

  • The only metals we use are silver and gold. The silver and gold used in production are fully recyclable. If a customer is no longer interested in their jewel, it can be melted down and remade into a new product, using the same material. The value of these materials creates a sustainable life cycle;

  • We want to make quality, carefully and expertly designed products which can be passed down the generations. That’s why customers can have their products re-galvanized, cleaned, or repaired at our place of business. We consider maximizing each product’s lifespan to be an important step towards circular economy.

Our metals

  • Silver has the smallest carbon footprint among precious metals (compared to gold or platinum). In this respect, the use of silver is environmentally friendly;
  • Precious metals are an important part of our production. Mining primary precious metals can be problematic in terms of environmental damage. Using recycled silver lowers CO2 emissions by two thirds when compared to mined silver. That’s why we’ve decided to try and use certified recycled silver in our production of silver flowers. At the moment we’re looking for a supplier of certified recycled silver, and trust we will soon be able to offer our customers flowers made from recycled silver. Recycled metals are no different than mined metals; the quality, appearance, and properties are the same.

Packaging and recycling

We use essentially no plastic, not even for packaging. All paper (boxes, paper packaging, etc.) is either re-used or recycled. All our delivery boxes are either 100% recyclable or made of recycled materials.