Free shipping tresholds 

Packaging and standard shipping is free of charge:

  • in Czechia and Europe for purchases over CZK 4000 (EUR 160) (VAT included);
  • for personal pick-ups.


Česká pošta (Czech post)

Česká pošta (Czech Post) usually delivers parcels within 24 hours of drop off. We use mainly the insured (valuable) letter and insured (valuable) parcel services. Delivery days: business days. Delivery time: usually within 24 hours (of the confirmation of your order’s dispatch). 

Shipping company - Zásilkovna

You can choose from two delivery services of Zásilkovna - delivery to pick-up point and delivery to your address:

Zásilkovna (pick-up point delivery) - how it works:
  1. In the shopping basket, select shipping via "Zásilkovna to pick-up point "

  2. In the pick-up point search engine, find the one you have nearby. There are thousands pick-up points and self-service, contactless pick-up points Z-BOX at your disposal

  3. Your order usually arrives at the pick-up point within the next day

  4. As soon as the order is ready at the selected pick-up point, Zásilkovna will send you an informative e-mail and a text message with a password for pickup

  5. You just need to report the password at the pick-up point. You can send anyone to pick up your parcel - just give them the password

  6. You can pay the cash on delivery amount directly at the pick-up point, either in cash or by payment card

  7. You can find out where your order is located in the parcel tracking

  8. You have 7 days to collect your parcel

  9. You can downloade the mobile app Zásilkovna where you can track the movement of your parcel.

Zásilkovna (home delivery, delivery to your address) - how it works:
  1. In the shopping basket, select shipping via "Zásilkovna to your address"

  2. The parcel will be delivered directly to your address in the Czech Republic – home, to the office, at the reception desk, etc

  3. 98% of parcels directed to your address are delivered in the second day

  4. You will be notified of the delivery date via SMS and email. As soon as the courier has loaded your parcel, you will recieve a notification with delivery information in the range of 90 minutes. You can also download mobile app Zásilkovna which will notify you of every movement of the parcel. Once the courier is at the destination address, you will be contacted by phone

  5. If you are not present, the courier will deposit the parcel at the pick-up point closest to the delivery address, where you can then pick up the parcel the same day

  6. When handing over the shipment from the driver, you will be asked to provide a password.

DPD Private  

DPD delivers packages within the next business day. If the courier does not reach you at the address, it will try again the next working day. They will inform you about the delivery by SMS or e-mail. You will learn the one-hour interval when to expect a courier and access data to the DPD Kurýr web application. In it you will see how the courier is approaching, and how many addresses separate him from you. The DPD Kurýr in application will also allow you to: change the address or delivery date, in larger cities choose the delivery time in the morning (8.00-10.00), add a backup address (where the courier will go if it does not reach you at the original one), choose personal collection at a Pickup pickup point or postpone delivery by 10 days. If you have chosen to pay cash on delivery, you will pay the courier when receiving the package in cash or by card.

Express deliveries in Czechia

Express delivery services (Messenger, Liftago, etc.) deliver within 5 hours in Prague and the city’s vicinity. Contact our customer service by sending an email to to inquire about the express delivery method.

Personal pick-up

Goods can be picked up in person upon prior agreement. Valuable goods (value in excess of 150,000 CZK, VAT included, see article 8 of the terms and conditions) or wedding bouquets can only be picked up in person. In rare cases, valuable goods and wedding bouquets can be delivered in another way upon prior agreement.


Country Service  Price of delivery  Time of delivery  

Czech Republic 

Zásilkovna delivery to address
Zásilkovna delivery to pick-up point
DPD Private
Česká pošta (Valuable letter)

CZK 100  1-2 days

Czech Republic 

Liftago, Messenger, etc. (subject to availability)

from CZK 500
according to offer of express deliver provider 

within hours


Deliveries to the Europe are categorised as deliveries to Europe A, Europe B, and Europe C as per the chart listing time and price of delivery below.


Deliveries to EU states and other European countries are made by Zásilkovna. The maximum parcel weight is 2 kg. Delivery time in Europe is 2–5 days (according to destination).

Česká pošta

Deliveries to EU states and other European countriescan also be made by Česká pošta (Czech Post), typically using the international insured (valuable) letter or international insured (valuable) parcel services. Delivery time in Europe is 2–5 days (according to destination).

DHL Express

DHL Express allows you to quickly get the desired product. Option "on demand delivery". The shipping time of DHL Express is the average number of working days of shipping excluding the pick-up day and remote areas. The estimated time of delivery does not include the time of possible customs clearance of the shipment.

Country Service  Price of delivery  Time of delivery 
Europe A:

Slovakia Zásilkovna, Czech Post CZK 250 1-2 days
DHL Express CZK 450 1 day

Germany, Austria,
Slovenia, Hungary, 
Poland, Croatia

CZK 250 2-3 days
DHL Express CZK 450 1 day
Europe B:

Italy, Greek, Cyprus, 
France, Spain, Portugal,
Ireland, Danmark, Bulgaria,

Zásilkovna, Czech Post CZK 350 4-5 days
DHL Express CZK 550 2 days
Europe C:

Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, 
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg

Zásilkovna, Czech Post CZK 500 4-5 days
DHL Express CZK 600 2 days
Other countries:

United States of America DHL Express CZK 750 2-3 days
Australia DHL Express CZK 950 3-4 days
New Zeeland DHL Express CZK 950 3-4 days
Japan DHL Express CZK 950 3-4 days
Singapore DHL Express CZK 950 3-4 days
Other countries DHL Express

Contact our customer service by sending an email
to: regarding possible delivery
to other countries.

Please note that we do not ship to the following countries or territories:

  • Spain: Canary islands, Ceuta, Melilla
  • Danemark: Groenland, Iles Féroé
  • Portugal: Azores, Madeira 
  • United Kingdom: Isle of Man, British Virgin islands, Jersey, Gibraltar, Guernsey
  • Finland: Aland
  • Italy: Livigno, Campione d'Italia, Vatican, San Marino
  • Germany: Büsingen am Hochrhein, Heligoland
  • French DOM-TOM (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane, La Réunion).
Duties and taxes are included only in EU countries (outside the EU, possible taxes and duties are not included in the price). You can find out basic information about duties and taxes here. The chart lists the price of a standard and up to 2 kg delivery to specific destinations. The time of delivery is approximate only. Cash-on-delivery is provided only for destinations in Czechia. Packaging and standard shipping is free of charge in Czechia and Europe for purchases over CZK 4000 (EUR 160) (VAT included).