Royal Flowers 

Miracles of nature. Uniqueness.

Royal Flowers

Silver 925/1000, gold 585/1000, 750/1000, or 999/1000

Bouquet Prague 

Bouquet of 80 various silver flowers. Cornflower 13x, ryegrass 5x, ribwort plantain 5x, lavender (double) 4x, bellflower 16x, daisy (large) 2x, daisy (small) 9x, mouse-ear chickweed 7x, lilac 5x, violet leaf 7x, violet 7x. Silver 925/1000.

Bouquet Vienna

Bouquet (10) of 10 snowdrops. Gold 585/1000. Weight of the bouquet Vienna is 78.0 to 84.0 g.

Bouquet Berlin

Bouquet of 20 various gold flowers. Ryegrass 2x, bellflower 3x, cornflower 2x, mouse-ear chickweed 3x, daisy 2x, ribwort plantain 1x, lavender (double) 1x, violet 2x, violet leaf 3x, lilac 1x. Gold 585/1000. Weight of the bouquet Berlin is 76.8 to 85.3 g. 

Bouquet New York

Bouquet of 30 various gold flowers. Ryegrass 2x, ribwort plantain 2x, ribwort plantain 2x, cornflower 4x, lavender (double) 2x, violet leaf 2x, violet 3x, bellflower 6x, daisy 4x, lilac 2x, mouse-ear chickweed 3x. Gold 585/1000. Weight of the bouquet New York is 105.8 to 111.2 g. 

Bouquet Saky

Bouquet of 50 various gold flowers. Violet 5x, violet leaf 5x, bellflower 10x, daisy 7x, mouse-ear chickweed 6x, cornflower 6x, lavender (double) 2x, lilac 3x, ryegrass 3x, ribwort plantain 3x.  Gold 585/1000. Weight of the bouquet Saky is 202,6 to 228,8 g.

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