Gardens and GIYOU garden

Gardens, their significance, and what the GIYOU garden is based on

Gardens from around the world and Czechia

  • Numerous private gardens all over the world, including the one which inspired the founding of GIYOU.

Significance of gardens

The concept of gardens has been significant across cultures for millennia. Gardens were born from a desire to create a world which would be more beautiful and fertile than the one we live in.

They’re a space where natural and human worlds meet, expressing people’s perception of nature; a place of growing, hedonism, reality, meditation, a play of senses and experiences, representation, aestheticism, and learning; of sophistication, spontaneity, and the unexpected; of utility and decoration; and refreshment - always refreshment.

And although gardens are the embodiment of exclusive spaces, they can’t be fenced off entirely and remain a part of the world around them.

GIYOU garden of fresh and jewel flowers

The GIYOU silver and golden garden was inspired by a garden surrounding a charming historic homestead in Bohemia, and, just like any other garden, born from a desire to create a beautiful, enriching space.

We wanted to allow people to taste the beauty of our private garden, in a unique form, far behind its walls; to create a charming space where a mere walk would be an unforgettable experience; to allow you to experience the joy and use provided by the masterful flowers we grow.

To us, cultivating a garden means respecting what we grow and treating it with care.