Flowers from our golden garden

The gold we use

We use gold of the following fineness to make our golden flowers:

  • 585/1000 (14ct) gold (58.5% gold content)
  • 750/1000 (18ct) gold (75% gold content)
  • 999/1000 (24ct) gold (99.9% gold content)

Why golden flowers?


  • Gold has a striking yellow colour and shine
  • Alloying (14ct and 18ct) gold with other metals produces gold of different shades (primarily white and yellow)


  • Gold is relatively inert and doesn’t react with air, humidity, or heat and doesn’t corrode over time


  • To make our floral jewellery, we use gold of varying fineness, creating a broad range to allow you to purchase beautiful golden flowers at any budget.


  • Over the course of its 5000-year long history, gold has been pretty much worshipped due to its properties, use, and value, and its tradition in jewellery-making is quite strong.

The aesthetic of gold in interior spaces

Gold has a warm, softly glossy colour. It denotes prestige, nobility, wealth, perfection, sense of refinement, happiness, prosperity, and elegance. Golden flowers reflect light, just like silver ones do, and can give spaces a charming, warm depth. The radiant, sunshine-like colour has the unique ability to create a pleasant, sophisticated atmosphere. It provides interior spaces not only with a feeling of nobility, but also warmth and cosiness.

Gold is the metal of the sun and has been associated with it, historically and instinctively. And flowers need sun to survive. Moreover, the sun determines the seasons, thus significantly affecting the life of flowers.

Home décor using gold has a storied history. Gold works well with various interior styles. Large bouquets of golden jewels can serve as a room’s tasteful centrepiece while different golden flowers, placed in multiple vases and harmoniously spread around, can give the room a look of sophistication.

Pick a suitable vase for your golden flowers.

Taking care of your gold

Learn how to look after your golden flowers here.