Designer is drawing a new type of flower. Bespoke jewellery creation.


Give us your ideas, imagination and special needs for creating an original floral masterpiece. It can consist of, for example, the creation of special types of flowers, flowers of other sizes, flowers to decorate large spaces, large vases or a large number of vases of a house or public place, special gifts, or special festive events.

Jewellery flowers in a shade. Custom-made jewellery creations


In general, we are able to create almost any floral work. The basic parameters are time, cost of production, and production feasibility.

In order for us to create a work for you, please inform us as soon as possible about your detailed idea. Subsequently, we will be able to propose the principles of the agreement and the time of production.

Custom manufacturing based on existing flower species

Custom manufacturing of wedding bouquets and flowers of 750/1000 gold (18 carat) or 999/1000 gold (24 carat). Discover some of our 24 ct gold creations.

Fascinating options - custom manufacturing of new flowers

We’re looking forward to making a special, unique work of art that captures your vision. It may be a special flower species or other works of floral jewellery-making to decorate large spaces, put in big or multiple vases, serve as a gift to woman, gift to special guests, or celebrate a wedding, engagement, or other special occasions.

Decorate spaces, big vases, or multiple vases of house with floral jewellery

Maybe you wish to decorate your home or large vases in your space with particular flowers of gold or silver. Tell us about your desired species and its size, the type of your space, the preferred metal, or vases and their placement. 

The concept of decorating the home with silver and gold flowers is new and creates many impressive possibilities.

Original jewel flowers as a gift, to celebrate engagement or wedding

Maybe you’re interested in a special species or type of flowers to gift for woman, business partners or special guests or to celebrate an engagement or a wedding (wedding presents, wedding flowers, wedding bouquets, or a wedding decoration). Tell us about your desired species and its size, the preferred metal, and other important information.

We’ll be glad to implement your notion of a personal, unique gift. Combine the surprise of gift giving or making a proposal with the joy of joining hands to create jewellery flowers which are in line with your vision.

Unique jewel flowers for special occasions

Maybe you wish to create special, original species of jewel flowers for various festive occasions which require a specific flower species or other purposes - like gift to special guests.

Tell us more about the type of the festive occasion, the species of your desired flowers, the preferred metal, and other important information.

All commissions pose new design and manufacturing challenges, and each piece is hand-made using traditional jewellery-making techniques. Tell us your detailed vision as soon as possible so that we can create your order on time. If you need your custom-made flowers to be delivered by a specific date, make sure to discuss this with us first. This allows us to draft an agreement framework and manufacturing time. If you’d like to discuss a new commission or learn more about our custom services, please contact us.


Regarding bespoke creations and consultation, +420-602-273-185