Christmas bouquet of mistletoe with silver daisy in a vase

Christmas presents

Christmas is a charming season, a time of gifting. Make it even more unforgettable and give your loved ones’ masterful jewel flowers as a Christmas present. Every family member likes to get something special for Christmas, which makes the season an ideal opportunity to set up the family vase tradition, be it as a gift for your daughter, mother, or grandmother. Here are our tips on choosing a beautiful Christmas gift.

6 tips on charming Christmas gifts

1. Silver Christmas flowers

Pick the receiver’s favourite species and gift them a single or couple of silver jewel flowers as a Christmas present

2. Silver Christmas bouquet

Browse our silver bouquets of fresh and dry flowers and pick the ideal seasonal decorations.
Get in touch with our customer support to order your ideal Christmas bouquet and make sure your home will be decorated just as you wish it to be for the season.

3. Beautiful gift of a bouquet of ten silver flowers

Browse various bouquets of ten silver flowers to pick the beatiful Christmas gift.

4. A single or couple of golden flowers

Pick a single or couple of graceful golden flowers as an unique Christmas present.

5. Large silver or golden bouquet as a unique Christmas gift

Browse various large bouquets of silver and gold to pick an extraordinary Christmas present.

6. Pick a vase for your flowers

Pick a glass, porcelain, or rare vase for your loved one’s flowers

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