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Anniversary gift

Anniversary gifts should be beautiful, timeless, personal, and unique. They should tell a story and create new memories. Celebrate your anniversary with precious natural beauty that will be passed down through the generations, imbued with infinite joy and masterful craftsmanship. Disover our tips on anniversary gifts.

Guide to anniversary gifts

1. Eternity anniversary bouquet

Gift a silver or golden bouquet and keep adding a new flower whenever the big day rolls around again.
Eternity bouquets are an expression of endless love and lasting recognition.

2. As many silver flowers as your anniversary years

Pick your favourite flowers of silver and gift a single one, a couple, or a bouquet of as many flowers as your anniversary years

3. Golden anniversary flower

Pick a single or a couple of golden flowers, or gift a bouquet of as many flowers as your anniversary years

4. Larger anniversary bouquet

Browse our extraordinary anniversary gifts and pick a larger bouquet of silver or gold

5. Bouquet of 25 silver for a silver wedding 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable silver wedding gift than a bouquet of 25 silver flowers. Compile an anniversary bouquet of 25 individual silver flowers to suit your taste.

6. Extraordinary bouquet of 50 flowers for a golden wedding

When looking for the perfect gift to celebrate your golden wedding or 50th anniversary, consider the exclusive beauty of the Royal bouquet of 50 flowers

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