Ležící žena s narozeným miminkem

Gifts for new mothers

GIYOU flowers are a charming symbol of new life. Appreciate a new mother and reward her for the charming new life she created. Discover our push gifts. Here are our tips.

Tips on unforgettable gifts for new mothers and original push presents

1. Silver flowers for push gift

Pick the mother’s favourite flowers and gift her a single silver flower or a small silver bouquet.

2. Bouquet of ten silver flowers to new mom

GIve the new mother a bouquet of ten silver flowers

3. A single or couple of golden flowers for women after birth

Take a walk around our golden garden and pick a single or couple of charming flowers

4. A grand show of appreciation

Take a look at our large bouquets of silver and gold to really appreciate the new mother and give her a grandiose push present

5. Pick a vase for your flowers

Pick a charming vase for the woman in your life

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