Silver flowers in a vase on wedding table. Wedding gift to newlyweds.

Wedding gifts

GIYOU flowers were born from the founders’ fascination with nature and follow in the footsteps of the tradition of flower gifting. Their grace perfectly underscores special moments. The flowers are about the joyful dance of love - and that’s what the bride and groom’s big day is primarily about. The masterful craftsmanship and originality will help make the happy couple’s experience unforgettable. Read our tips on a unique wedding gift.

Tips on an original wedding gift or a unique gift for the bride

1. A single or two symbolic silver flowers fornewlyweds

Take a look around our silver garden and pick a single flower, symbolic two flowers, or a small bouquet to gift the newlyweds

2. Wedding present of a bouquet of ten silver flowers

Gift the newlyweds a bouquet of ten silver flowers

3. Wedding gift of a single or symbolic two golden flowers

Delight the couple or the bride with a single or two beautiful floral jewels from our golden garden

4. Exclusive wedding gift or unique gift for the bride

Browse our large bouquets of silver and gold to pick a luxuy wedding gift or a unique gift for the bride

5. Pick a vase for your wedding gift

You can save the newlyweds the trouble and pick a glass, porcelain, or rare vase for their flowers

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Silver 925/1000, gold 585/1000 (14 ct), 750/1000 (18 ct), 999/1000 (24 ct) 

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