Red roses with words WITH LOVE
A face of woman with golden flowers - bellflowers

3 most beatiful Valentine's gifts

A rare floral gift she's never received before

1. Valentine's Day Bouquets

Get inspired by a special Valentine's bouquet for Valentine's Day.
Choose bouquets from 3 to 30 silver flowers with red or pink dried, stabilized flowers of your choice.

Make a note in the shopping cart "Valentine Bouquet". And we will prepare it for you at no extra charge for companion flowers.
In case of special wishes regarding the arrangement, please contact customer support.

2. Snowdrops

Choose one silver or gold snowdrop or create snowdrops bouquet

3. Bouquets of various types of silver flowers

Choose silve bouqet of 10, 15 or 20 silver fllowers for great confessions.
Make your beloved woman feel special.

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Silver 925/1000, gold 585/1000 (14 ct), 750/1000 (18 ct), 999/1000 (24 ct) 

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