Kid giving a silver flower to her mom

Gifts for your mum and Mother’s Day gifts

Show appreciation for your mum or grandma by giving her a graceful silver flower. Be the one to establish the family vase tradition. Take the opportunity Mother’s Day presents, celebrate motherhood and recognise the women in your life with a gift from an unusual garden. Browse our selection of silver flowers and give your mum or grandma a present they might hesitate to buy for themselves.

Tips on Mother’s Day gifts for your mum or grandma

1. Silver flowers

Pick your mom’s favourite flowers and gift her a single graceful flower of silver or a small silver bouquet.
Your flower can even establish the family vase tradition in your family.

2. Mother’s Day gift - a bouquet of ten silver flowers

Pick your mum or grandma’s favourite flowers to compile a bouquet of ten silver flowers

3. Bouquet with the colours of nature

Browse our silver bouquets of fresh or dry flowers.
Contact our customer support team to order a bouquet that’s just right for you.

4. Pick a vase for your flowers

Pick a glass or porcelain vase for your flowers

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