Hanukkah gifts

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is celebrated at the end of December by Jewish families all over the world. Jews are well-known arts and jewellery enthusiasts and the Jewish nation is sometimes likened to blossoming flowers. Take a look at the silver flowers from our extraordinary garden and pick the perfect Hanukkah gift. Learn about the possibility of shipping precious flowers to your friends and relatives if you can’t celebrate the holiday together. Or purchase a silver bouquet to decorate your Hanukkah table.

Tips on Hanukkah gifts

1. Silver flowers for Hanukkah

Pick unique silver flowers and gift a single flower or a small silver bouquet

2. Festive bouquet of silver, teeming with the colours of nature

Browse our silver bouquets of fresh or dry flowers and pick the perfect Hanukkah gift or decoration.
Get in touch with our customer support team to order a seasonal bouquet that’s the right choice for you.

3. Bouquet of ten silver flowers

Draw inspiration from various bouquets of ten silver flowers for gift or decoration

4. A single or couple of golden flowers

Pick a single or couple of graceful golden flowers as a Hanukkah present

5. Large silver bouquet

Consider our large silver bouquets and pick the perfect Hanukkah gift or decoration for your festive table

6. Pick a vase for your flowers

Choose a glass, porcelain, or rare vase for your flowers

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