Your questions about Wedding Bouquets

What kind of a wedding bouquet can I order?

If you order a wedding bouquet, a consultation is necessary to create a specific bouquet according to your wishes (as bespoke product). You can choose a fixed type of various wedding bouquets of 15 and 30 flowers (see  WEDDING BOUQUETS) or a custom wedding bouquet consisting of types and number of flowers you like. Silver or golden flowers included in the wedding bouquet can (but do not need) to be accompanied with suitable live or dried plants. The price of wedding bouquets includes all consultations, additional live or dried plants, and binding.

Which live plants go well with a wedding bouquet?

Plants of an appropriate colour and with small flowers are a suitable choice, especially those which can last long. In our experience, especially the babe’s breath (Gysophila paniculata) of various kinds and colours is quite suited for this purpose. You can consult us on your choice of additional live plants. Not all live plants are appropriate. Choice is also limited by availability and seasonality. For non-personal delivery of wedding bouquet, it is necessary to choose such accompanying flowers, which are suitable for the agreed manner of delivery (generally, fresh flowers will not be suitable).

How large can my custom wedding bouquet be?

You can order your custom wedding bouquet from 15 flowers to 50 flowers. Wedding bouquets of fewer than 15 flowers are not suitable. On the other hand, bouquets containing up to 50 flowers are quite lovely.

How do you bind wedding bouquets?

Wedding bouquets are carefully bound using floristry supplies (fine wire, foam rubber, and florist tape). Naturally, the binding can be loosened at any time and the bouquet used unbound. Wedding bouquets have a longer stem than individual flowers (approximately 16,5 cm) to better hold in the hand.

How can I use my wedding bouquet after the wedding?

After your wedding, it becomes your keepsake. Once certain amount of time passes, you can remove any live flowers (if they were included) and place the bound or unbound bouquet in a vase or elsewhere. Dry flowers can be left in the bouquet for several years.

Can I order a golden wedding bouquet?

Yes, we create wedding bouquets yellow, white or pink gold of 585/1000, 750/1000, or 999/1000 fineness. Golden wedding bouquets of 585/1000 fineness are usually delivered within 2 weeks of ordering. Golden wedding bouquets of 750/1000 or 999/1000 gold are usually delivered within 3 weeks of ordering. Regarding golden wedding bouquet, please contact custommer support.

How do you deliver wedding bouquets?

Especially by personal hand-over. But it is also possible to arrange another method of delivery, in particular for delivery outside the Czech Republic. For non-personal delivery, it is necessary to choose such accompanying flowers of the wedding bouquet, which are suitable for the agreed manner of delivery (generally, fresh flowers will not be suitable).

Can a wedding bouquet be ordered online?

Yes, but order confirmations merely confirm that the product was reserved. Please contact our customer support to consult us and create a specific wedding bouquet according to your wishes.


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