Svatební kytice GIYOU ze stříbra s růžovými a bílými květy

Wedding bouquets of jewel flowers for romantic and exclusive weddings

Compile an original wedding bouquet of beauty, unique grace, and the endless joy of masterful craftsmanship. Draw inspiration from the subtlety of our precious flowers and the symbolism they bring into your big day, both romantic and luxurious.

Tips on original wedding bouquets for the bride

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1. Silver wedding bouquet with accompanying flowers

Pick a bouquet of anywhere from 15 to 50 silver flowers and contact us to order accompanying flowers and specify the look of your bouquet.
Wedding bouquets have longer stems and always come bound to make them easy to hold.

2. Wedding bouquet of silver or gold, with no accompanying flowers

Compile a unique wedding bouquet of silver or golden flowers as a single wedding bouquet for the bride, or as a second - forever - bouquet to accompany one made of fresh-cut flowers. You can pick any number of flowers you like to go into your pure wedding bouquet of silver or gold. Consider choosing products from our Royal line for an exclusive wedding. Flowers that go into a wedding bouquet can have longer stems and we can bind them for you.

3. Unique wedding bouquet of colourful golden flowers

You can liven up your golden wedding bouquet with the colour of white, yellow, and pink gold.

4. Exclusive wedding bouquet

Tell us your idea of an exclusive bespoke wedding bouquet. It can be a bouquet of special flower species, original flowers for the bride, a wedding bouquet of gold or 24ct gold. Please contact our customer support team by sending an email to or calling +420 777 555 531.

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Silver 925/1000, gold 585/1000 (14 ct), 750/1000 (18 ct), 999/1000 (24 ct) 

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If you prefer to order by phone, or you need consultation, we will happily assist.
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