Bride holding golden wedding flowers

Alternative wedding rings - unique wedding without wedding rings

Wedding flowers

GIYOU wedding flowers are exchanged by the bride and groom during the ceremony to create a shared bouquet, a symbol of partnership and the joining of their lives. Wedding flowers complement or replace wedding rings. You can use a single or symbolic two flowers, or a small or large bouquet of silver or gold. Once the wedding is over, the flowers are placed in a vase to decorate the newlyweds’ home. Read our tips on choosing the right wedding flowers.

Tips on alternative wedding rings and unique wedding without wedding rings

Your love is unique, your wedding should be too

1. Golden wedding bouquet with two flowers  

Choose from a selection of special wedding bouquets composed of two golden flowers. Consider white, yellow, or rose gold or a combination of these.

2. Choose golden flowers you want

Pick a single, symbolic two, or large number ot wedding flowers of gold - white, yellow, or pink - or combine the colours to create a unique whole.

3. Golden bouquets in place of wedding rings

Ditch wedding rings and instead present a wedding bouquet of golden flowers - of white, yellow, or pink gold - or combine the colours to create a unique whole.

4. Unique wedding golden bouquets

Browse our selection of exclusive wedding bouquets of more golden flowers or discover our Royal flowers and bring a sense of exclusivity into your wedding ceremony. 

5. Other tips


If you’d like to personalise your gift box, arrangement, or change your wedding  bouquet in any other way, please contact our customer support.

Bespoke wedding bouquets

Tell us your ideas for an original bespoke wedding bouquet. Please contact our customer support by sending an email to or calling +420 777 555 531.

Binding your wedding bouquet, vases

We can bind your wedding bouquet for you. Pick a vase for your wedding flowers.


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