Eternity kytice GIYOU. Kytice ze stříbrných a zlatých květin ve váze.

Eternity Bouquets

No matter if the moment you want to commemorate, celebrate, and appreciate concerns birthdays, birth of a child, engagementwedding, or anniversary, adding a new precious flower to a vase is a charming gesture of caring. Surprise your loved ones every year with a new species of unique flowers and show them how much you appreciate and love them.

In a romantic relationship, regular gifting will help to express love, care and appreciation, in a work environment recognition and appreciation, in a family environment a manifestation of gratitude and care. 

Tips on recurrent flower gifting

For an impactful expression of love and appreciation

1. Eternity Bouquets -
for gift to a woman, birthday, a birth of baby, engagement, wedding, anniversary

GIft Eternity Bouquet to a woman, for birthday, birth of baby, engagement and wedding or anniversary. You can start out with a single flower or a small or large bouquet of silver or gold and then add a new flower every year. Recurrent gifting can last throughout your relationship, or even your life. An Eternity Bouquet is an expression of lasting love and appreciation, and will surely be welcome by the person receiving it.

2. Use GIYOU’s Eternity service

Every year we come up with charming new species of flowers. If you decide to go the way of recurrent gifting, get in touch to tell us your preferred time of delivery, up to ten years in advance.
We’ll take care of the rest to make sure your loved one always receives their flower at the chosen date.


Contact us to arrange a repeat gifting of flowers +420 777 555 531

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