New terminology

Learn about the new terms we coined to describe our unique silver and golden flowers and their use


Anniversary flowers

GIYOU anniversary flowers is a term describing a flower or bouquet of silver or gold whose purpose is to recognise and celebrate a lasting marriage or partnership. It’s typically bought as an anniversary gift.


Engagement flowers

GIYOU engagement flowers is a term describing the flowers given during a wedding proposal. It can be a single or two flowers, or a bouquet, large and small. Engagement flowers can be made of silver or gold, and can also be included in a wedding set with wedding flowers. Engagement flowers can work with an engagement ring, or replace it entirely. Once the engagement is over, you can place the flowers in a vase where it will decorate your home and serve as a lasting memento. Engagement flowers are an alternative to or a replacement of engagement rings.

Engagement & wedding set

A GIYOU engagement & wedding set is a matching bouquet of engagement and wedding flowers. The engagement flowers are given during the wedding proposal (alongside or instead of an engagement ring). Wedding flowers are used as a wedding symbol during the ceremony (alongside or instead of a wedding ring). Various combinations are possible—engagement flowers of silver vs. wedding flowers of gold, different colours of gold, or different numbers of flowers to set these two occasions apart. It’s a good idea to give the set some forethought to create a harmonious whole.

Eternity flowers

GIYOU Eternity flowers is a term describing a bouquet of silver or golden flowers to which a new flower is added each year. Eternity flowers are an expression of infinite love or lasting appreciation. Typically, they’re given by a man to a woman, with a new flower added each year as a show of commitment to the partner and the relationship. Eternity flowers are a great choice for an engagement, anniversary, birthday, and other occasions.


Floral jewellery of home

Typical jewellery is usually worn on the clothes or body. GIYOU jewellery, or rather silver or golden flowers, can be placed exclusively in vases and used to decorate your space (home décor). You can choose a single flower to decorate your space, a small bouquet or a large one (anywhere from 100 to 300 flowers) made of silver or gold, of various fineness and colours.

Family vase

GIYOU family vase is a vase of silver and golden flowers that is passed down through the generations, making sure the stories of women adding to it survive. Eventually, a single vase can hold the flowers once owned by the great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, daughter, and so on.


Jewel or jewellery flowers

To describe GIYOU flowers of silver and gold, we sometimes use the term jewellery flowers, jewel flowers, or floral jewels. They’re all synonymous.


Royal flowers

Royal flowers are a line of the most valuable GIYOU bouquets of silver and gold. Made from 24ct gold, they’re used as extraordinary gifts, home decorations, or for special celebrations.


Wedding flowers

GIYOU wedding flowers are exchanged by the bride and groom during the ceremony to form a shared bouquet, a symbol of partnership and the joining of their lives. Wedding flowers can accompany wedding rings or replace them entirely. It can be a single or two flowers, small or large bouquets of silver or gold. Once the wedding is over, the wedding flowers can be placed in a vase to decorate the newlyweds’ home. Wedding flowers are an alternative or addition to wedding rings.

GIYOU Wedding bouquet

A GIYOU wedding bouquet is a bouquet of silver or golden flowers, containing anywhere from 15 to 50 flowers, possibly alongside fresh or dry ones. It always comes bound. The bouquet can be complemented by a second wedding bouquet, made of fresh-cut flowers. Once the wedding is over, the wedding bouquet can be placed in a vase where it will decorate the newlywed’s home and serve as a lasting memento.