World-Unique Flowers as an Original Souvenir from Czechia 

Discover the rare beauty of nature, the story and masterful craftsmanship of silver and golden flowers, and learn how they can make for a unique Czech souvenir. 

Charles Bridge in Prague


Unique souvenir from Prague 

No matter if you’re looking for an understated memento or exclusive gift, take a walk around our precious garden of graceful silver and golden flowers and bring some of that Czech uniqueness, culture, and highly-regarded craftsmanship back home with you.

GIYOU flowers allow you to celebrate Czechia’s message of culture and craftsmanship, and share the beauty of the extraordinary Czech flowers with your loved ones.

Discover unique memories of Prague in our short video.

Statute of Bedrich Smetana in Prague


Czech artistry and craftsmanship

Czechia is known as a creative country renowned for its artistry and craftsmanship. The whole world knows and recognises Czechia’s natural charm, the beauty of its cities (e.g. Prague or Český Krumlov), the surviving remnants of the country’s long history, the masterful craftsmanship of Czech people (e.g. in glass- and fashion jewellery-making) and artists (including such prominent Czech composers as Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák, or Leoš Janáček, writers such as Milan Kundera, Franz Kafka, or Karel Čapek, movie directors like Miloš Forman, or painters like Alfons Mucha).

Following up on this legacy, we offer you some inspiration for unique souvenirs and gifts from Czechia.

Bouquet of unique flowers GIYOU of pure gold in Moser vase


Story behind the Czech rarity 

GIYOU flowers were inspired by a garden surrounding a historic homestead in Bohemia, nestled in a village of 15 houses. After three years of preparation, the flowers were ready. Once they were launched in 2022 they won almost immediate recognition among public figures and the media. Extraordinary orders followed, including those for world-unique bouquets of pure gold.

The founders’ dream blossomed into a business which would go on to sell its products all over the world. The world’s very first garden of silver and golden flowers was born.

A bouquet of forget-me-nots from silver in a Suagahara vase


Mementos, gifts for your loved ones, home décor

When you’re gifting GIYOU flowers, you’re not just gifting something you or your loved ones will appreciate as a source of endless joy. You’re also gifting a story, one that’s based on the Czech history and culture.

The flowers are handmade using a precise jewellery-making technique, in a small family business in Bohemia. The clients are Czechs, by far the largest customer segment, and people from all over the world who can buy the flowers in our e-shop or in GIYOU GARDEN in downtown Prague.

GIYOU flowers make not only for an original souvenir and memento, but also an unusual gift for a woman in your life, an exclusive Christmas Present, Diwali Present, Anniversary Gift, an Engagement and Wedding symbol, or original home décor.

Screen with video and silver and gold flowers in GIYOU GARDEN store



It’s located in downtown Prague, 1-minute walk from the Wenceslas Square or 5-minute walk from the Old Town Square.

Jungmannovo náměstí 765/5, 110 00 Prague 1
Opening hours:  Mo–Sat 11 a.m.–7 p.m.
Phone: +420-776-181-149


Tips for exclusive mementos from Prague

If you’re looking for a beautiful quality souvenir or exclusive memento from Prague or Czechia, one based on the tradition of Czech art, culture, and masterful craftsmanship, take a look around our extraordinary silver and golden garden. Here are our tips. 

1. Silver flowers as mementos from Czechia

hoose individual silver flowers or compile them into a small or large bouquet to suit your particular taste. When buying a souvenir, always consider something that allows you to take a piece of the local culture back home with you. Opt for quality souvenirs and masterful craftsmanship to make sure your gift stays in a good condition. Our silver flowers are handmade using a precise jewellery-making technique. They’ll be an endless source of joy, passed down through the generations.

2. Silver bouquet as a souvenir from Prague 

Inspirujte se různě velkými kyticemi stříbrných květů pro suvenýr nebo dárek z Prahy. Díky kytici květin ze stříbra nikdy na svou cestu a pobyt v Praze nezapomenete.

3. Large golden bouquet as a unique gift from Prague

Discover the beauty of large golden bouquets and what they can offer as an extraordinary gift from Prague, a gift for your loved ones, or exclusive home décor.

4. Exclusive bespoke bouquet from Prague

When travelling around Czechia, visit our showroom in the countryside (20-minute drive from Prague, 15 minutes from the Václav Havel airport) or in downtown Prague (1-minute walk from the Wenceslas Square or 5-minute walk from the Old Town Square). Tell us your idea of an original bespoke flower or flowers made from 24ct gold. This may concern, for example, commissioning special flower species, decoration of large spaces or vases, or flowers for special opportunities. Contact our customer support team by sending an email to or calling +420 777 555 531.


GIYOU showroom interior


If you seek a quiet exclusive environment and would like to learn more about our products’ background or their versatility, including products made of gold of 999/1000 fineness, the Royal line, or bespoke products.

GIYOU GARDEN store interior


If you prefer a shorter meeting and in-person consulting in downtown Prague. We’d love to share our passion and experience with you, same as if we were meeting in the showroom.