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Vázy Rosenthal pro GIYOU květiny

Rosenthal vases

For small and large silver or golden bouquets (ranging from a couple to 30 flowers)

About the manufacturer:

Modern, timeless design, sense for detail, perfect craftsmanship, and quality colourful porcelain. The world-renowned business was founded in 1879 in the German town of Selb. Rosenthal creates its timeless works of designer art in cooperation with the best professionals from the field of art, design, and architecture.

Rosenthal and GIYOU flowers:

The combination of GIYOU with Rosenthal vases makes for an impressive whole. The beautiful Rosenthal brand will be especially appreciated by those who are looking to place their GIYOU flowers in a modern, timeless, designer vase. Rosenthal vases are suitable for small silver or golden bouquets (ranging anywhere from a couple to 30 flowers). Find more information on the Rosenthal vases’ suitability for GIYOU flowers listed with each Rosenthal vases.

Skleněná váza Sugahara s fialkou a lístkem fialky ze zlata

Sugahara vases

For a single flower or a small bouquet of silver and gold (from 1 to 25 flowers)

About the manufacturer:

Sugahara, a Japanese glassmaking company founded in 1932, strives to make its handmade glasswork as warm as the human body, putting a smile on your face whenever you hold them. It’s based in Chiba and has several stores in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Miyabi, Chiba). Its hand-blown glass vases are hard not to fall in love with. They boast a characteristic simplicity, smoothness, and charming colours.

Sugahara and GIYOU flowers:

The hand-blown glass lets GIYOU flowers shine. We recommend Sugahara vases primarily as a placement for single flowers or small bouquets of silver and gold (up to 25 flowers). Find more information on the Sugahara vases’ suitability for GIYOU flowers listed with each Sugahara vase.

Vázy Moser pro GIYOU květiny

Moser vases

For large silver or golden bouquets and Royal flowers (anywhere from 20 to 250 flowers)

About the manufacturer:

Hand-blown crystal Moser vases—timeless design and masterful craftsmanship by a famous Czech glass-making company. Moser has been producing lead-free and hand-blown luxury crystal ever since its founding in 1857. The manufacturing of each vase requires the input of more than 40 master glassmakers. You’ll fall in love with the colours of Moser crystal. Moser uses lead-free crystal exclusively. No other material requires so much skill from glassmakers. The result is products of unusual purity, shine, and hardness.

Moser and GIYOU flowers:

Large GIYOU flowers and Royal flowers are quite symbiotic with the masterful beauty of Moser vases. And when one of our customers commissioned a world-unique golden bouquet, it was a Moser vase he picked for its placement. Moser vases are a good choice if you need to place anywhere from 20 to 250 silver or golden flowers. Find more information on the Moser vases’ suitability for GIYOU flowers listed with each Moser vase.

Raritní japonská váza s GIYOU květiny ze stříbra.

Rare vases

Rare vases - contemporary and vintage - are an additional perspective we offer our customers. When it comes to their selection, the main consideration is craftsmanship, artistry, and other qualities, as well as their distinctiveness and suitability for GIYOU flowers. The available range of rare vases is changing constantly and they usually come only as a single item. Find more information on the suitability of rare vases for GIYOU flowers listed with each rare vase.

Advice on other vases, consulting

If you’d like to pick a different vase yourself, read our advice here. If you require a consultation or assistance with choosing a vase, please contact our customer support team.


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