Recommendation for vases

If you want to choose a vase yourself, we have these recommendations for you:

  • the choice of vase depends on the type and number of flowers, binding or non- binding of flowers and, of course, on individual taste
  • GIYOU flowers (silver and gold) have a length of 9 to 16 cm and the size of the vase must correspond to this
  • in general, for individual flowers and small bouquets, vases with a height of 8 to 10 cm with a narrower neck are suitable
  • If it is a large bouquet (from 20 to 50 flowers) there are more options for vases, they can be larger and the neck does not have to be narrow, but it depends on everyone's taste. Someone likes if the flower is more built, someone likes it when it is more tilted, someone likes a bouquet in a vase straightened, someone relaxed scattered, etc.
  • I have my favorite larger vase, can I put flowers in it? Do I always have to use vases from 8 to 10 cm? You can use a reasonably larger vase if you underlay the bottom of the vase, perhaps with an arranging material. Aesthetically does not match too large vases, which are disproportionate to the size of GIYOU flowers
  • Flowers do not need to be attached to vases in any way, like live flowers. But in the case of a large bouquet and a taste for creative arrangement or a larger vase, it is possible to put an arranging material into the vase and attach flowers to it
  • You can also place one or a pair of silver flowers in various bottles, glasses and mugs • You can also create your own vase for flowers in the ceramic workshop, artistically modify your old vase or glass, etc.
  • The lists of manufacturers we have listed above can also help you find vases