Rosenthal Fast, Green, Abyss

Rosenthal Fast, Green, Abyss, 10 cm

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The intriguingly shaped porcelain vase is 10 cm tall and the colour of the dark green bottom of an abyss. Silky matte, fully coloured porcelain clay, smooth to the touch.

Size (depth x height x width) 5.9 × 9.4 × 5.9 cm
Colour: dark green
Material: porcelain

A miniature version of the famous vase created for Rosenthal in 2006 according to the design by the French designer Cédric Ragot. The talented designer found inspiration in the traditional rounded Chinese vases, re-imagining their shape as stopped mid-movement and captured in porcelain.

Unique silver or golden GIYOU flowers and Rosenthal vases make for a striking combination. The history of the German Rosenthal brand reaches as far back as 1879. The beautiful products will be appreciated by anyone looking for a modern, timeless designer vase in which to place their GIYOU flowers.

The Rosenthal Fast is a nice placement for 10 to 30 mixed or certain single-species GIYOU flowers or for combinations of GIYOU with dried flowers. We recommend combining tall flowers and grass (lavender, ryegrass, plantain). It’s also suitable for gradual collecting. You can use it without a filler (see the image of mixed meadow flowers—white vase), pour beads or pebbles on the bottom, or with a piece of floral foam to give the flowers an elevated position and make it easier to arrange a large or small amount of flowers (see the image of a green vase). The vase is wonderful for mixtures and tall flowers as opposed to small single-species flowers (violets, daisies, etc.).