Wedding bouquet of elegant, graceful flowers

A quest for individuality, elegance, and grace. A desire to adorn oneself with something that’s in line with your idea of this special day. This unusual wedding garden of silver and golden flowers will help you with all of these. Learn what it can do for a romantic or an exclusive wedding.

Looking for elegance and grace

Pretty much all brides-to-be end up perusing traditional wedding bouquets - bouquets of fresh-cut or dry flowers, of different styles, shapes, and colours. Some end up choosing such alternatives as a wrist corsage or a wedding wreath. And some, led by their desire for individuality, elegance, and subtle grace, go even further.

And for such brides, there’s our unusual wedding garden.

It doesn’t feature anything you’d see at most other weddings. What you find here instead are bouquets composed of graceful flowers of silver and gold. There are many interesting things to learn about silver and golden wedding bouquets, their masterful craftsmanship, the inspiration behind them, and their use both for romantic and exclusive weddings.

But let’s go straight to our recommendations.

Tip no. 1
Silver wedding bouquets with accompanying flowers

Find inspiration in wedding bouquets of silver flowers and accompanying fresh-cut or dry flowers. You can pick your favourite flowers, anywhere from 15 to 50 pieces. Wedding bouquets have longer stems and come bound so that they can be easily held.

Tip no. 2
Wedding bouquets made up entirely of silver or gold

  Choose a wedding bouquet compiled entirely of silver or golden flowers, either as the main bouquet for the bride, or as a second (eternal) wedding bouquet that will accompany the one made of fresh-cut flowers. Any number of flowers can go into a pure bouque - one, two, or however many you like. Larger bouquets that are meant to be bound have longer stems. The binding can be loosened after the wedding and the bouquet placed in a vase.

Tip no. 3
Bouquet of colourful golden flowers and an exclusive wedding bouquet

Bouquet of colourful golden flowers and an exclusive wedding bouquet You can liven up your wedding bouquet with the colours of white, yellow, and pink gold. And those most discerning among you can draw inspiration from our Royal flowers, tell us your ideas for an original bespoke wedding bouquet, or choose one made of 24 carat gold. 

And when the wedding’s over?

Svatební kytice ze stříbra po svatbě, vedle svatební fotky a snubních prstýnků

After the wedding, you can place your bouquet of jewels in a vase where it will brighten up your home. You can also pass it to your children and they to their children.