Rare vases

Contemporary vases

These are selected vases that are unique in terms of craftsmanship or art and created by contemporary producers. Similar to historical vases, we choose them from all over the world.

The main considerations of their selection are their craftsmanship or other quality and physical and aesthetic suitability for GIYOU flowers.

Vintage and antique vases

We like to connect with history and celebrate our heritage. And antique or vintage vases give a unique insight into history. And their quality, including materials and craftsmanship makes them worthy.

Decorating with vintage items adds character, uniqueness, and history to your space.  There are also items that can be always better to buy vintage for reasons that go beyond aesthetics. And they include also objects made of glass or ceramics such as vases.

We value historical vases as well as high-quality contemporary vases, which will also be considered historical in a few decades. And we wish to provide you with another option worth considering.

If you are interested in one of the rare vases for your flowers, please contact us. We will advise you on the suitability of the vase, more alternatives, send you more photos. Or you can see the vase in person at the showroom or the GIYOU GARDEN store. 


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