Žena se stříbrnými květinovými šperky mezi prsty. Květiny pro postupné sbírání.

Precious garden for gradual collecting

Whether you’re collecting flowers for yourself or for your family vase, consider compiling your bouquet of floral jewellery gradually, over time. Read our tips on gradual collecting. Once you learn about the charm of GIYOU flowers, the new species we introduce every year, and the option of compiling them into bouquets, as a gift, home décor, or just for fun, you won’t hesitate to start collecting them.

Tips on gradual collecting

You look forward to receiving a new addition, not knowing which species will be introduced next year. Over time, a bouquet is formed. GIYOU grows anywhere from 4 to 6 new flower species every year. In five, ten years, or half a life, your vase can boast a large bouquet of silver or golden flowers, composed of your joy, stories, and memories.

If you place an order and inform us you’re purchasing a flower for the purpose of gradual collecting (the announcement isn’t binding in any way), our customer support team will contact you to offer assistance beyond the scope of GIYOU sale, regarding delivery, any special wishes you may have, and other details. You’ll also be notified of any new flower species as a matter of preference.

1. Silver flowers to be collected

Pick your favourite silver flowers for gradual collecting.

2. Golden flowers to be collected

You can also collect golden flowers, or compile a mixed bouquet of silver and golden flowers.

3. Pick a vase for your flowers

Pick a glass or porcelain vase for the flowers you’re collecting

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