Vase Caorle, Moser

Vase Caorle, Moser, 13 cm

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Caorle is a beautiful historic town near Venice, but also a collection of mouth-blown cut vases and bowls inspired by the beauty of the town. The Caorle vase is specific by combining underlaid tones of ocean green and rose into a singular harmony. The design of the vase originated in 2015 and is rendered by more than ten pairs of hands. Height of vase 13 cm.

The Moser Caorle vase highlights wonderfully the fine beauty of GIYOU jewellery flowers and is suitable for Royal flowers or larger bouquets from 20 to 100 flowers.

Hand-blown from environmentally friendly lead-free crystal. Hand-cut and polished to a high gloss. Made using the glass layering technique.

Producer Moser, Czech Republic.