Rosenthal Plissée, Blue, Pacific

Rosenthal Plissée, Blue, Pacific, 8 cm

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A porcelain 8 cm blue-grey vase the colour of the Pacific. Silky matte, fully coloured porcelain clay, smooth to the touch. A miniature version of the famous vase made for Rosenthal in 1968 by the German designer Martin Freyer. Decorated with a visible relief resembling onion peel.

Size (depth x height x width) 8.3 × 7.1 × 8.3 cm
Colour: blue
Material: porcelain

Unique silver or golden GIYOU flowers and Rosenthal vases make for a striking combination. The history of the German Rosenthal brand reaches as far back as 1879. The beautiful products will be appreciated by anyone looking for a modern, timeless designer vase in which to place their GIYOU flowers. For almost 140 years Rosenthal has stood for innovation, design, sense of detail, and precise sophisticated crafting. 

The Rosenthal Plissée is a nice placement for 5 to 25 mixed or certain single-species GIYOU flowers. It’s also suitable for gradual collecting. You can use it for daisies, violets, or daisies, on its own or with beads/pebbles on the bottom or a piece of floral foam to give the flowers an elevated position and make it easier to arrange them (see the image of golden flowers).