Tips for an Original Bridal Gift from the Groom

It’s not mandatory for the groom to give the bride a gift, though it is a rather established tradition. Some might conclude there have been enough gifts and special symbols to celebrate the big day, and that no special gift for the bride is necessary.

On the other hand, some grooms view gifts for their future wife as going the extra mile and don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make their beloved happy. The bride’s big day is just around the corner and receiving a nice, delicate surprise just before getting married can further amplify her joy and experience.

Here are our tips on how to pick an original, impressive bridal gift from our extraordinary garden of silver and gold.

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How to choose a bridal gift?

People’s lives and preferences are incredibly varied, and so here’s a general outline on how to pick an original bridal gift: 

  • Empathise with the bride’s interests, feelings, and needs or visualise her desires. What does your beloved like and desire? Basing the gifts on her interests and values is definitely an excellent approach.
  • You can also rely on your own feelings and gift something which symbolises or is based on them. See the gift as an opportunity to express what you feel before the big day. Maybe your feelings revolve around beauty, joy, love, gratitude, expectations for the future, or happiness.
  • Personalised gifts are always a nice personal touch, emphasising your thoughtfulness. You can gift an original album of your photos together, various objects bearing her name or the title “wife”, “Mrs.”, your wedding date, etc. 
  • Your gift can be grandiose, extravagant, or understated. On your wedding day, you can gift your future wife a hand-written personal letter describing your life together, what you feel for and admire about her, or what it means to you to be her husband.
  • You can opt for gifts which can be used every day and at the same time carry an emotional meaning or evoke memories - such as a beautiful necklace with a locket where your future wife can keep a wedding photo.

  • Your gift can symbolise your future life together, what your existing shared life meant to you, or the unforgettable moments you two had together (e.g. the first time you met).
  • You can opt for a practical or funny gift that hold a special meaning for the bride, including gifts the bride will appreciate as a part of her skin- and healthcare routine. 

Still not sure what to pick for the bride? Here are a few specific tips on original bridal gifts
from our extraordinary garden of silver and gold:

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Original bouquet of silver or golden flowers 

PRICE GIYOU: 15.000 CZK - 100.000 CZK

The unique combination of flowers and jewellery is an expression of beauty, joy, and love. Gift your future wife her favourite flowers, made of silver and gold, and delight her with a unique bouquet just before the ceremony. The gift will give your beloved endless joy and placed in a vase will brighten up your shared home where it will serve as a lasting memento for generations to come.

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Bridal Eternity bouquet

PRICE GIYOU: 15.000 CZK - 100.000 CZK

Gift your future wife a bouquet of silver or gold just before the ceremony, and then add a new flower every year, e.g. on the date of your wedding anniversary. Regular gifting is a nice expression of lasting love and relationship, and your wife will certainly find it quite meaningful. Browse our Eternity bouquets and learn more about our Eternity service.



Royal bouquet, 24ct gold, bespoke products 

PRICE GIYOU: from 100.000 CZK 

If you’re looking for something extraordinary to gift your future wife, consider large golden bouquets from the Royal line, products made of 24 carat gold, or tells us your idea of an original bespoke bridal gift.

The purpose of a bridal gift is to give your loved one something meaningful and significant that expresses your love, thoughts, and feelings, delights your future wife, enhances your wedding day, and serves as a charming memento. We hope you find these tips useful.