The beauty of collecting and gifting GIYOU flowers over time

What’s the charm?

When we first came up with the idea that GIYOU flowers could be collected and gifted over time, we were excited and found it quite beautiful.

And the people we talked to about it agreed with us. Our friend, a French teacher, said, “It’d be so nice if my husband gave me a silver flower every year.” Or our other friend who graduated in botany and lives in a happy relationship, “Guys will appreciate this; picking stuff is a pain and I never know what to give my wife. Could you remind me every year so that I don’t forget?” Or to hear from an entrepreneur, “I suppose it’s an interesting way to appreciate my female employees.”

Flowers are a sophisticated, elegant way to express your appreciation for another person repeatedly and over a long period of time; to thank them, please them, express your affection, love, or joy of being able to share your life with them. “I’m aware of and thank you.” Moreover, people are naturally drawn to flowers whose beauty and value stay constant and which can be a certain symbol of stability in a changing life.

You can decide to gift flowers over time no matter if you’re a man or a woman, whether you represent a business or institution. And you can give them to your wife, husband, mum, grandmother, child, granddaughter, friend, employees, or colleagues—one flower every year or six months, for example, randomly or during a recurring occasion, be it birthday, dating anniversary, wedding anniversary, Christmas, the anniversary of the beginning of a work or business relationship, etc.

Gradual collecting is a good idea for those who buy a single flower at any given time, collecting their dream bouquet gradually, always looking forward to the next addition.

From one flower to a large bouquet

The first flower you buy can seed the tradition of gifting and collecting. Which type you pick depends on your taste. Naturally, you can also gift golden flowers or combine the two metals, creating interesting compositions.

Over time, there will be more and more flowers in the recipient’s vase, turning into a pretty bouquet. And you don’t need to worry about running out of species to pick from. Every year, we introduce five new remarkable species at minimum.

In five, ten years, or even half your lifetime, you’ll end up with a bouquet of silver or golden flowers, consisting of your gifts and memories.

Don’t you agree there’s some beauty and value to this tradition?

Small gifts from us

And because we like the idea of gifting flowers over time, we’d like to make it even better for you.

If you indicate in the shopping cart’s notes section that you are ordering a flower for gradual collection or gifting (the indication is not binding in any way), our customer support team will contact you with an offer of assistance beyond the general conditions of sale of GIYOU flowers, regarding the delivery of flowers, the delivery of special greeting cards, small gifts, or other special services.

Tradition begins
Photo: GIYOU

Three flowers
Photo: GIYOU

Bouquet in five or ten years
Photo: GIYOU