Original, non-traditional, luxury gifts for those who have everything

If you’re looking for something to give a person who already has everything, or believe there’s no gift that would actually make them happy, you need to adopt a special approach to gift shopping. How do you choose the perfect gift?

Price of luxury and relaxation

Take a look at various luxury gifts, e.g. luxury versions of everyday items. They’re useful and boast a luxury appearance to boot. You can also have a luxury product custom made.

But in the language of ancient Romans, luxury signified not only splendour, wealth, and debauchery, but also the state of being relaxed - the Lating word luxus is derived from the verb laure, meaning to relax. So feel free to relax. 

Gift of time and personal attention

This works on everybody. The most precious aspect of gifting is our own personal engagement and the attention we give to a gift and its receiver. The personal road takes you much further than having the receiver’s initials engraved on a golden pen. It’s about time and attention. Can there be something more valuable?

Your gift can manifest as half a day of intimate, authentic conversation or time spent in nature. A beautiful package only emphasises your actual gift of attention.

In addition, the personal road to gifting can also call for you to literally give a piece of yourself. For exmpale your  own shirt.

Original, meaningful gift

Every friend, family member, business partner, or special guest ascribes meaning to different things in their life. You can also discover things which they find meaningful without realising it. For example, where does your special guest come from and what does their culture view as important? What’s significant about the receiver’s work or other activities the gift is meant to emphasise? Take the road of meaning and give an original, non-traditional gift to preserve said meaning.

Valuable ordinary gift

Do ordinary things even exist? It’s the presentation that may be the focus of your gift. If the receiver likes to surround themselves with unusual things, they might in fact find a seemingly ordinary or minimalistic gift very valuable.

Road of originality and uniqueness

Everyone’s attracted by originality and uniqueness. If you’re looking for something to gift a person who has everything, it’s a good idea to focus on this. Since all vendors love these words, it’s a good idea to pick a manufacturer whose stories, reputation, and products actually are original and unique.

Favour quality handicraft and look into custom production. Or take a walk around select antique shops, galleries, and auction houses.

Road of experiences, gifts of nature, and history

Step out of the box entirely. After all, if you know there isn’t an object that would make the receiver happy, isn’t the message clear? There’s nothing wrong about not being interested in things. But the receiver is sure to want something. So give them a captivating experience.

Harness the force of nature. Nature is one of the most luxury gifts out there. Gift time spent in pure nature, wilderness, in the mountains, or by the sea.

Don’t underestimate the power of history either, as history holds meaning for everyone. Perhaps your loved one would appreciate spending time at an opulent castle or receiving an old antique book, painting, or piece of jewellery. An aged gift can thus gain a new interesting meaning.

Gift that may combine everything

Or perhaps you manage to find a non-traditional gift that ticks off most or all of these boxes, having elements of luxury, relaxation, meaning, intimacy, originality, apparent ordinariness, nature, and experience.