Jewellery makes the man; silver and golden flowers make the house

Precious garden of your home. Learn about the new concept of decorating your home with silver and golden flowers. Why do people find original decorations attractive,  what is this based on and what does it contribute.

Silver and golden flowers for home décor

No one needs to be told how unique the decision to decorate one’s home with silver and golden flowers is. With the exception of GIYOU flowers, there are no such flowers or concepts that we’re aware of. Which is rather surprising considering how popular flowers are as a motif in crafts and applied arts.

We believe the main reason why people gravitate towards the GIYOU “jewel” flowers is that these aren’t merely flowers that are symbolically meaningful or historical significant in the context of royal ceremonies or events. Instead, they have come to permeate people’s lives with their joyful effortlessness, responding to their needs - including the need to decorate one’s home.

Home and home decorations

The purpose of home décor is to turn the space between four walls into a home—one which reflects the owner’s personality and creates a comfortable, functional, and aesthetic atmosphere informing their life. Home décor also promotes a sense of contentment, as well as togetherness with said home, the owner’s loved ones, and family. Additionally, the practice may fuel a person’s creativity or desire to learn. Last but not least, it’s important for guests too as it ensures they feel comfortable and welcome.

Our homes are a reflection of our identity and heritage; a place where we feel comfortable in our own skin. In our current diverse world, creating such a home can be quite important.

Vases with flowers

Ancient Egypt was likely the first civilisation to ever see vases as both ornamental and functional objects for holding fresh-cut flowers. Flowers from the fertile Nile Valley were used for festivities and religious ceremonies while vases full of flowers would decorate people’s homes, symbolising wealth, prosperity and drawing one’s attention to the beauty of nature.

Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a home with no vase at all and few where vases aren’t constantly or at least occasionally full of fresh-cut flowers.


Besides one’s home, a garden can also be turned into an exclusive domestic space. Generally speaking, the purpose is to create a space that’s more beautiful and fertile than the one we otherwise live in.

Gardens are sort of an outside living room which combines both the applied and decorative function; a place of growing, self-indulgence, natural reality, meditation, play of senses and experiences, aesthetics, and representation.

Gardens played an important part in the creation of GIYOU. The brand was born from the founders’ fascination with nature and its flowers, as well as from their desire to create an enriching space where a simple walk would be an unforgettable experience and where masterful flowers could at least partially preserve the original’s effortlessness and emotions.

Jewels and jewellery objet d'art

Function of jewelry

The function of jewellery has always been related to people’s desire for beauty, power, business, tradition, or personal connections with others and the arts. People have tried to look better than others since time immemorial, appropriating the beauty of other things and asserting themselves through their appearance. Jewellery is also used for “branding”, various celebrations, rituals, as a memento, gift, or symbol which embodies or appreciates a person’s connection with another (e.g. engagement or wedding rings).

Jewellery objet d'art which is rarely worn on the body and instead tends to be placed somewhere else (often at home), not only serves various practical purposes, but also fulfils a similar function jewellery does. And even though it isn’t as ostentatious as rings or earrings, it expresses a person’s individuality and personalizes his or her living spaces.

GIYOU flowers

It doesn’t matter whether GIYOU flowers should be classified as jewellery or jeweller objet d'art. They became popular not only as gifts and symbols of special moments, such as anniversaries, weddings, and engagements, and subsequently as home décor, but are also sought after as home decorations, be it in the form of a single flower, a small silver bouquet, or large exclusive bouquets of golden flowers.   

What makes decorating with silver and golden flowers attractive?

Grace and charm:

GIYOU flowers, their design, execution, or the story and inspiration behind them seem to imbue homes with their chief values and emotions - joy, subtlety, charm, elegance. They can also help express a person’s style, values, and taste.

Connection with nature:

Flowers are seen as one of nature’s most beautiful creations and traditionally tend to be associated with beauty. Silver and golden flowers are a unique take on this, moving these qualities inside your homes and adding a touch of elegance, originality, and uniqueness. It is our belief that although they are a craftwork, they do retain a part of the emotions and significance people ascribe to fresh flowers.

Connection with crafts:

The pleasure derived from natural beauty can be combined with a sense of pride in unique, quality craft and an object’s generational value.

Lasting beauty and family heritage:

GIYOU flowers immortalise the beauty of fresh flowers and make the sense of joy we derive from them last longer. Vases stop being a “crystal execution site” and turn into a place where sparkling beauty and family heritage find a home. The flowers’ presence can also evoke a sense of family history and tradition, bolstering feelings of togetherness and familial relationships as shown by GIYOU family vases.

Collecting and creativity:

The sheer variety of the flowers, the endless supply of new species of floral jewellery, and the option of compiling them into bouquets promote collecting and creativity.

For diverse homes:

The flowers are suitable for pretty much any type of home and interior style as they come in silver or gold of varying fineness and different sizes. The aesthetic of silver and gold itself also plays a part.

Luxury and exclusivity:

And some, especially large golden bouquets, bouquets of pure gold, or unusual bespoke products boast elements of luxury and exclusivity.

The unique Czech silver and golden flowers present you with a highly interesting opportunity to decorate your home in an unusual way. This is just the first from a series of articles on the topic. Future ones will address the practical side of decoration.



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