The charm of wedding flowers for a wedding without wedding rings

Society evolves, wedding traditions change, and people are looking for alternatives which are in line with their values. Discover the charm of unique wedding flowers made of silver and gold. Learn why they can be an attractive alternative to wedding rings and serve as a symbol of your love.

A harvest of wedding rings, flowers, and gold

People love their little circles of gold

Wedding rings have a storied history, and the question “white, or yellow gold” tends to be among the first ones asked during wedding preparations. Only select few dare replace rings with bracelets, tattoos, or works of art. Or they simply make do with an engagement ring and a modest wedding. There are few things that can hope to rival the popularity of wedding rings.

Precious metals

The significance of wedding jewellery lies in the symbolism we ascribe them. And although metal carries no emotional value in and of itself, we’re used to reaching for rare metals, especially gold, whenever we’re about to experience one of the most precious moments there are. On the most important day of our life, we wish to fully experience the feelings of happiness, prosperity, and well-being these metals evoke.

Attractiveness of flowers

People have surrounded themselves with nature and flowers from time immemorial. Flowers give us a sense of joy, happiness, and intimacy, connecting us to the world’s beauty. Indeed, the reason why we find them attractive isn’t some kind of a nefarious conspiracy concocted by ancient flower merchants. Today, it’s almost impossible to imagine a wedding that features no flowers whatsoever.

The charm of wedding flowers

Inspiration from nature

GIYOU flowers were born from our fascination with flowers and originated in the tradition of flower gifting. Hand-made of silver and gold using a jewellery-making method, they can be presented in person just like fresh-cut flowers, bound into bouquets, or placed in vases.

People also use them for different occasions, including weddings, as a part of wedding bouquets, wedding decoration, wedding gifts, or even engagement flowers to replace wedding rings.

Wedding flowers at the ceremony

During a wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange wedding flowers, just like they would rings, to form the bouquet of their shared future.

The choice of flowers is up to you. Some pick a single flower or symbolic two flowers; others prefer a large bouquet of silver and gold. You can also have the bouquet bound and present it that way at the ceremony.

Not on your hand; in a vase in your shared home

After the wedding, your bouquet of engagement jewels will stay with you, in a vase in your shared home where it will remind you of the decision you took and give you joy—unlike wedding rings which often end up collecting dust on a shelf or forgotten inside a drawer.

What do wedding flowers contribute?

Connection to nature and grace

As one of the most beautiful aspects of the natural world, flowers are often associated with beauty. Masterful craftsmanship gives our jewel flowers a unique appearance, as well as touch of elegance and subtle grace.

Attraction and a dance of love

Flowers don’t bind, require words, or form expectations. They’re about a dance of love, attraction, and responsible freedom. This is how the flowers are made and this is our vision of relationships between men and women. Perhaps you share it.

Infinite charm

Wedding flowers are different from rings, and so you don’t have to worry about choosing the right size, style, or whether you’re likely to wear them after a few years. Their charm is universal, unchanging, and not subject to fashion trends. And if you want to, each year you can add a new flower to your bouquet—to show how much you value your lasting relationship.

For subtle and grandiose wedding moments

Wedding flowers will liven up your ceremony, no matter if you’re using a single flower, small wedding bouquet, or a bouquet of golden flowers.  And if you opt for large golden bouquets, bouquets of pure gold, or original bespoke flowers, your wedding will breathe exclusivity and uniqueness.