The Great Guide to Anniversary Gifts - Years 1 to 15

Each wedding anniversary is a unique opportunity to commemorate your love and the time you spent in each other’s company. No matter if you’re finishing your first adventurous year together, or about to celebrate your deep lasting connection at your fifteenth anniversary, a proper gift can make the occasion all the more memorable. The following article provides some inspiration and tips on how to pick an ideal gift for any wedding anniversary, both traditional and modern one, including information on which flowers and jewellery capture the symbolism of each anniversary year. Learn how to select a gift that fits your special moment.

The meaning of wedding anniversaries

A wedding anniversary is a special opportunity for you to consider the time you spent with your loved one; an expression of your mutual love, care, and support. Each anniversary is a chance for you to remember what plays a crucial role in your life and what you’ve accomplished together. The gifts you exchange on this day aren’t mere objects; they celebrate your connection, demonstrate your mutual commitment, and show how much you regard the other. Moreover, a gift can be seen as a thank-you for all the beautiful moments you’ve experienced together, and as a source of motivation for more years to come, full of joy and understanding. Such moments are also an opportunity to renew your vows and strengthen your commitment.

Tips for anniversary gifts - traditional, modern, flowers, jewellery, flowers of silver and gold

Although the names, symbolism, and recommended anniversary years by no means have a romantic origin, people do follow these recommendations. Here’s a guide on how to pick the right gift each anniversary year. Our tips focus both on “traditional” and “modern” anniversary gifts by year. The guide includes well-established, respected recommendations of gemological and jewellers’ organisations (e.g. the GIA and Jewelers of America). Wedding anniversaries are important relationship milestones and deserve to be celebrated with unique, thoughtful gifts. Are you wondering what to give your partner? Here are some tips for suitable gifts:

  • Traditional gifts: Each anniversary has its own traditional symbol, such as paper for year 1 or wood for year 5. These gifts symbolise the growth and development of your relationship.
  • Modern gifts: Those who love modern design and new technologies will appreciate modern, trendy gifts, such as electronic gadgets, designer kitchen appliances, or stylish watches.
  • Flowers: Flowers are a traditional symbol of love and beauty. Pick flowers which capture the symbolism of your anniversary year, such as roses for year 15.
  • Jewellery: Jewellery is a time-tested gift that brings a sense of joy and elegance. Golden or silver jewellery makes for an excellent present, especially if adorned with gemstones that fit the anniversary month or your partner’s personal preferences.
  • Silver and golden flowers: You can also gift silver and golden flowers as a symbol of permanence, masterful craftsmanship, and beauty. They make for an impressive present or beautiful home décor and will serve as a constant reminder of your life, expressing the depth of your feelings, bringing endless joy, and emphasising how meaningful the time you spent together truly is.

Anniversary gifts – traditional, modern, flowers, silver and golden flowers, or jewellery 

So what are suitable anniversary gifts by year? No matter if you’re celebrating your first, fifth, or tenth anniversary, are an experienced gift-giver, or are looking for a new source of inspiration, this guide will help you learn more about the established etiquette of anniversary gifting and all the opportunities that are open to you.

Years 1 to 15

Chrpa ze zlata ve váze. Dárek k 1. výročí svatby.


Traditional gift for your first anniversary - paper

Paper as a gift for your first wedding anniversary reminds you that your life together is a clean sheet of paper and that you’ll be writing your unique story, one page after another. You don’t need to literally gift a piece of paper; it can be a personal letter, concert tickets, printed voucher, a Paperblanks notebook, or plane tickets to an adventurous or romantic vacation. 

Modern gift for your first anniversary - watch

Watches symbolise the flow of time, good and bad times, and the time you and your partner have spent together.

Flowers for your first anniversary - carnation

Ideal jewellery for your first wedding anniversary - gold

Treat yourselves to a luxury gift of gold. Golden jewellery symbolises happiness, prosperity, health, hope, and wealth. Learn more about gold and its aesthetic here. Find more information on 24 carat gold here.

A golden pen or cufflinks are a suitable gift for the husband; golden earrings or bracelet for the wife. Or consider a shared golden gift - how about a golden flower, the first of many to put in a vase? Start collecting an Eternity bouquet and add a new flower each year to symbolise your lasting relationship and marriage. 

Browse our golden GIYOU flowers and celebrate your first wedding anniversary with the precious beauty of unique flowers.

Porcelánové vázy Rosenthal. Dárek k 2: výročí svatby


Traditional gift for your second anniversary - cotton

This traditional gift has a beautiful meaning - just like cotton threads are woven together to form a piece of fabric, so your life is weaving itself to conclude your second year of marriage. There are many beautiful gifts of cotton - luxury cotton sheets, shirts, or quality towels.

Modern gift for your second anniversary - porcelain

Delicate porcelain will delight both of us, be it in the form of a beautiful porcelain vase, cups, or dining service. Consider purchasing a designer mini vase by Rosental and including a delicate jewellery flower of silver or gold - or perhaps two flowers, as a symbol of your second anniversary.

Flowers for your second anniversary - cosmos

The cosmos is an annual plant you’ll find in many European country gardens. It blooms from the second half of summer to the first frost. There’s a number of cultivars. If you’d like to celebrate your second anniversary with a bunch of cosmos, however, it’s quite likely you’ll have to pluck or grow it yourself.

Ideal jewellery for your second anniversary - garnet

Garnets come in many different colour, the red shade being the most popular. A piece of garnet jewellery can make for a great anniversary gift. Choose Czech garnets by quality Czech jewellery brands.

Váza Mosrer. Dárek k 3. výročí svatby.


Traditional gift for your third anniversary - leather

People say that leather gifts symbolise the safety your partner finds in the relationship. There are many available leather gifts - wallets, purses, bookbinding, or journals. You can have your leather gift embossed with a monogram, the anniversary date, or your personal message.

Modern gift for your third anniversary - crystal/glass

Glass or crystal are typically a modern take on gifts for the third wedding anniversary. It’s a beautiful material associated with life, and gives the home a sense of beauty and elegance. Choose a Czech glassmaker and pick a set of glasses, a jug, or ornamental vase. Consider the masterful vases by the renowned Czech manufacturer Moser or the vases by the Japanese glassmaker Sugahara.

You can also include a delicate jewel flower of silver or gold to complete your glass or crystal vase - or perhaps three flowers to symbolise your anniversary year. Or just put some sunflowers in.

Flowers for your third anniversary - sunflower

This symbol of summer is hard to resist. Sunflowers create wonderful arrangements and when placed in a vase can last for at least a week.

Ideal jewellery for your third anniversary - pearls

A symbol of wisdom, pearls are beloved for their beauty. Popular gifts for the third wedding anniversary include pearl earrings or cufflinks. Learn more about pearls in Year 30 - pearl wedding.

Žena drží v ruce kytici květin darovanou od muže.


Traditional gift for your fourth anniversary - flowers or fruit

After four years of living together, your relationship is blooming—a milestone often symbolised by flowers or ripe fruit. The fruit represents your partnership as it keeps developing and becoming richer. Celebrate your anniversary with a large bouquet of roses, a sweet fruit basket, or a bouquet of meadow flowers you pluck together. Flowers are a symbol of love and gratitude, a gesture appreciated by any woman.

You can also choose flower-inspired jewellery. Choose a delicate flower of silver or gold flower to infuse your anniversary with classic elegance, grace, and endless joy. GIYOU jewellery flowers were born from love of nature, and their unique design respects the tradition of flower gifting, making each piece unique and particular. This year, express your love and recognition not only with the natural beauty of flowers, but also with their durable jewellery counterpart.

Modern gift for your fourth anniversary - electronics

Electronics and domestic appliances are an ideal gift for those who are more practical-minded and appreciate comfort and usefulness. After four years of marriage, a time you’ve spent building a home and a stable relationship, celebrate this milestone by purchasing a luxury coffee machine or a modern kitchen helper. These devices will not only enhance your breakfast or dinner time, but make daily housework much easier.

Flowers for your fourth anniversary - geranium, hydrangea

Ideal jewellery for your fourth anniversary - blue topaz

Consider purchasing jewellery inset with blue topaz, a gemstone associated with romance and affection.

Kytice 10 sedmikrásek ze stříbra. Dar k 5. výročí svatby.


Traditional gift for your fifth anniversary - wood

Wood comes from trees which symbolise this anniversary year perfectly. Five years have passed, you took roots, your love and relationship are becoming stronger and also better able to weather bad times. Consider quality carpentry and purchase wooden home décor, for example original Chinese, Indian, or Indonesian wooden furniture from Gert Snel.

Modern gift for your fifth anniversary - silver

Brighten your home with the elegance of silver decorations - silver trays, utensils, candelabrum, or charming bouquet of silver flowers. The silver gift will become a part of your household silver. Don’t forget to browse our masterful jewel flowers of silver a fitting modern gift for your fifth wedding anniversary.

Flowers for your fifth anniversary - daisy, marguerite

In Czechia, the daisy (Bellis) blooms from February to November. You can find it anywhere from Europe to the Caucasus, in North America, even the New Zealand. It grows in urban lawns, gardens, parks, by roads, or in meadows. It’s the national flower of Denmark and as of 2023 the Netherlands.

Consider the beautiful craftsmanship of silver or golden daisies. The combination of silver and daisies makes for an impressive symbol of the fifth wedding anniversary. You can also celebrate with a bouquet of ten silver daisies or a bouquet of five silver or five golden daisies

Ideal jewellery for your fifth anniversary - sapphire

Discover the beautiful colours of sapphire - blue, yellow, purple, orange, or green. Just like wood, sapphires symbolise the strength of your relationship. The name is derived from the Greek word “sappheiros”, itself derived from the Hebrew word “sappire” (“blue”). The most valuable sapphires boast a uniform intense colour. Any sapphires which aren’t blue or colourless are called fancy. The gemstone is a popular choice for rings, earrings, or pendants.

Žena peče čokoládový dort. Oslava 6. výročí svatby.


Traditional gift for your sixth anniversary - sugar

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this anniversary. Sugar stands for the good life, a perfect symbol of your sixth year. Visit your favourite cake shop, gift a basket of luxury chocolates, or bake your favourite cake together and invite your friends over to enjoy a sweet celebration.

Modern gift for your sixth anniversary - iron

The sixth wedding anniversary, known also as the iron wedding, symbolises the strength and durability of your relationship. The resilience and usefulness of iron reflect these qualities. Consider purchasing elegant iron décor, such as artistic statues or stylish garden décor for your house or garden. These iron objects will not only highlight the beauty of your home, but also remind you of the unshakeable, stable foundations of your marriage.

Flowers for your sixth anniversary - calla lily 

In the past, the elegant calla was an essential part of any wedding bouquet. The proper name is Zantedeschia. Apart from its funnel-shaped flowers, what sets it apart are large green leaves, often peppered with light spots. White calla lilies are probably the most popular, but the plant comes in many more beautiful colours, such as yellow, purple, or orange.

Ideal jewellery for your sixth anniversary - amethyst

The amethyst comes in different shades of purple, from light to dark, sometimes even magenta. Some amethysts are transparent, others translucent or non-translucent. The gemstone loses its colour when exposed to direct sunlight. It looks great inset in necklaces and bracelets. You can also gift a piece of raw amethyst as home décor.

Měděné nádobí. Dárek k 7. výročí svatby.


Traditional gift for your seventh anniversary - copper or wool

A copper or woollen gift symbolises the warm feelings of love. Copper conducts heat while wool, being one of the most tactile textiles out there, keeps you warm. Consider purchasing quality copper dishes by Potten Pannen, a quality woollen blanket, or warm woollen socks for the winter.

Modern gift for your seventh anniversary - writing accessories

Writing accessories to keep at the desk are a nice modern anniversary gift. The practical elegant gift is an ideal choice for improving your beloved’s writing environment, both at home and in the office. Pick quality office supplies, such as a luxury pen, set of designer pencils, stylish mouse mat, or ergonomic book stand to not only make your partner’s work more comfortable, but also give their workspace some flair and a sense of style. You can personalise the gift with a monogram or dedication, making it a personal, lasting memento.

Flowers for your seventh anniversary - freesia 

The freesia, also known as the Cape lily of the valley, is a delicate beautiful flower from south Africa. It comes in many different colours, from white to yellow, orange, pink, red, violet, and purple, and can be compiled in a wonderful colourful bouquet. You can also try combining it with tulips. Freesias are unmistakable thanks to their smell, a popular choice among perfume producers. The flower is often included in wedding bouquets which also makes it a wonderful anniversary symbol.

Ideal jewellery for your seventh anniversary - onyx

It’s said that the onyx, mentioned as early as in the ancient Greek mythology, came to be when Amor clipped Venus’ toe nails and turned them into stones. It was an act of love, the new stone symbolising that Venus would never die. Its dark colour makes it a beautiful inset.

Surový Turmalín. Dárek k 8. výročí svatby.


Traditional gift for your eight anniversary - bronze 

Bronze is an alloy of two metals—copper and tin, mixed together to form a strong connection, same as your marriage. If you’re looking for a nice gift to celebrate your eight wedding anniversary, consider a bronze statue or decorations. Today, bronze is mostly used in making statues, and a modern or historic bronze statue could bring a new dimension to your home.

Modern gift for your eight anniversary - linen and lace

Linen is one of the oldest natural materials known to man. You can pick organdie, medium-weight linen, or high-weight linen suitable for making coats and jackets. The fabric’s characteristically firm and boasts many nice qualities—it’s light, cool, absorbs moisture, and is resistant against abrasion. Additionally, it’s prone to wrinkles which is quite fashionable today. Consider purchasing quality linen sheets for the summer or commissioning a light linen jacket or shirt.

Flowers for your eight anniversary - lilac, clematis

Lilac (Syringa) comes from South-Eastern Europe and the Anatolian peninsula. It has a characteristic, strong smell. Introduced from the Ottoman Empire, it first started appearing in European gardens in the 16th century. Today it also grows wild in Europe’s warmer regions, and has spread to North America.

Consider our unique lilac of silver or gold and impressive graceful lilac bouquets of silver. You can also compile a lilac bouquet containing both silver and golden flowers. Celebrate your eight wedding anniversary with the unique Czech jewellery lilac.

Original jewellery for your eight anniversary - tourmaline

Do you like pink, yellow, red, blue, or green? The tourmaline will give you all of these colours in abundance. The gemstone was first discovered by a Spanish conquistador in Brazil in 1500. The Chinese dowager empress Cixi (1835–1908) loved tourmaline and a significant portion of the tourmaline mined in San Diego, California, was supplied to her and her court.

Ruční vytváření keramiky. Dárek k 9. výročí svatby.


Traditional gift for your ninth anniversary - ceramics/willow/copper

Ceramics stands for the way in which you’ve been moulding your relationship into something beautiful for the past 9 years. Meanwhile, willow is a firm yet flexible material known for its bendability, symbolising that you’ll be with your partner regardless of where the wind blows. You can go together to a pottery workshop and make a few mugs or bowls - perhaps as a part of a weekend trip to Maříž. Or purchase a willow picnic basket and celebrate outside with your family and friends.

Modern gift for your ninth anniversary - leather

Modern gifts for the ninth wedding anniversary are made from leather. Products from real, natural leather are high-quality, elegant, and long-lasting. You can tell something is real leather by the high price and specific smell. It’s ok to pick a product from fake leather- the price is lower but so is the lifespan. There’s also something called synthetic leather (sometimes called eco leather) but it has absolutely nothing to do with real leather. What sets it apart from both real and fake leather is its production and properties. But just as fake leather, synthetic leather can start cracking or peeling after a while. If you’re looking for a product that’s going to last you a long time, invest in quality natural leather and pick a quality home décor or perhaps a travel bag for your joint adventures.

Flowers for your ninth anniversary - field poppy, strelitzia

You can find the breath-taking field poppy mostly in the fields, by country roads, and similar places. Apart from the famous red poppies there are also white, pink, or burgundy ones. Sadly, fresh-cut poppies tend to wilt quickly and so it’s quite likely you’ll have to pick them yourself to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Original jewellery for your ninth anniversary - lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli, a gemstone boasting a majestic blue shade, is sourced primarily from the Afghan province of Badakhshan. It was highly prized by ancient civilisations, its colour playing a major part in determining each stone’s quality. Pick an anniversary gift that contains lapis lazuli - jewellery, game board, decorative bowls, or even amulets. Thanks to its versatility, this traditional yet beautiful stone is quite easy to incorporate in personal and domestic accessories.

Diamant. Dárek k 10. výročí svatby.


Traditional gift for your tenth anniversary - tin/aluminium

The tenth wedding anniversary, often termed the tin wedding, is a celebration of your relationship’s growth and the decade you and your partner spent together. A traditional material, tin symbolises durability and resistance which are key aspects in any thriving marriage. You can gift your beloved decorative objects made from tin, such as candelabra, small statues, photo frames, even jewellery. Not only are these gifts beautiful and unique, but they also serve as a reminder of the strong, long-lasting nature of your relationship. It’s a wonderful way to appreciate the past ten years of shared experiences and commitment.

Modern gift for your tenth anniversary - diamond jewellery

Being the hardest mineral on Earth, diamonds are a perfect symbol of your strong love. Hence why the tenth wedding anniversary is sometimes called a diamond anniversary. Purchase diamond jewellery to celebrate this momentous milestone, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, or watches containing lab or natural diamonds to highlight the uniqueness of your relationship.

Apart from gifting traditional jewellery, you can also celebrate by going on an extraordinary trip to the so-called Diamond Islands - the Thamihla Kyun off the coast of Myanmar, the Diamond Island in the Caribbean Grenadines, or Cod Rock of the coast of Tasmania, a home to a small penguin site connected to the mainland only at low tide. Such a trip could be an unforgettable way to celebrate the ten years of your journey together.

Flowers for your tenth wedding anniversary - narcissus

Jewellery and flowers, such as the narcissus, are gifts which tend to be highly appreciated. A combination of the two is an ideal choice for any anniversary, including the decennial.

To celebrate the special occasion, compile a bouquet of ten delicate, flowers of silver or gold. Then you can add a new flower each and every year, a symbol of your lasting regard and appreciation. The original, personal gift is sure to make an impression and become a beautiful reminder of the years you and your partner have spent together.

Mužské a ženské ruce s hodinkami. Dárek k 15. výročí svatby.


Traditional gift for your fifteenth anniversary - crystal

Given for the fifteenth wedding anniversary, crystal symbolises the clarity and lucidity you’ve gained in your relationship after the many years of joint effort. But although crystal is beautiful and pure, it’s also fragile, reminding us even strong relationships require constant care. To celebrate this momentous milestone, decorate your festive table with crystal glassware—cut glasses, elegant decanters, or decorative bowls.

Consider purchasing crystal glasses by reputable manufacturers, such as Waterford Crystal, or Czech glassmakers, e.g. Moser, renowned for extraordinary quality and design.

Modern gift for your fifteenth anniversary - watch

Watches are a beautiful reminder of the time you and your partner spent together, and also symbolise the time you still have. When purchasing this distinctive gift, consider reputable brands available, for example, in the Bechyně clockmaker’s. You can also choose exclusive watches from luxury, world-famous Swiss or French brands, such as Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, or Audemars Piguet, known for their exceptional quality and sophisticated design. Watches are not only a practical accessory, but also an elegant piece of jewellery that can serve as a daily reminder of your relationship and love.

Flowers for your fifteenth wedding anniversary - rose

The beauty of rose petals is breath-taking which is why roses have been grown by people ever since the ancient times. They’re one of the most popular flowers out there, with many native and modern species and colours to choose from. 

Flowers and jewellery are excellent gifts for any anniversary in general. Consider purchasing a lovely symbolic bouquet of 15 silver or golden flowers. Choose your favourite species and don’t forget to buy a vase.

Original jewellery for your fifteenth anniversary - ruby

Rubies symbolise the flame of your relationship. The husband might appreciate a ruby tie clip; the wife a pair of earrings or a ring.

It’s not a real wedding anniversary without flowers and jewellery

Gift a unique bouquet of silver or gold, containing as many flowers as there are your anniversary years. Or choose a different number that holds a special meaning for you. 
Discover the Eternity anniversary bouquet and add a new flower species each and every year.


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