GIYOU flowers for guests and as a wedding decoration

Uniqueness, charm, and grace makes silver and golden GIYOU flowers an ideal choice not only as wedding bouquets and wedding gifts, but also as wedding decorations and gifts for wedding guests. Options are limitless; the wedding’s location and style also play a role. Here is some information to inspire you.

Flowers as a wedding decoration

Silver and golden flowers for your vases to decorate your wedding location. GIYOU flowers can also be combined with dry or live flowers, usually with small blossoms. The bouquets can be bound or left loose in the vase. Individual bouquets can contain anywhere from 10 to over 100 flowers per vase.

Flowers as centrepieces

GIYOU flowers make for good wedding centrepieces. Individual bouquets can contain anywhere from 10 to over 100 flowers per vase. The flowers (silver and golden) are from 9 to 16 cm tall; the size of the vase must reflect that.

As a wedding table decoration

Silver or golden flowers to decorate your wedding table. The flowers, placed at each dining spot, can also serve as an original gift for your wedding guests.

Flowers in showcases

GIYOU flowers can be placed in showcases of various design. You can also create a single impressive centre spot with a large number of various silver or golden flowers placed in vases, showcases, etc.

Flowers as a gift for wedding guests

Silver or golden flowers to gift your wedding guests. You can present them at the start or end of your wedding day, or send them after a wedding, in an envelope with a thank you note. The dearest guests, bride and groom’s families, and closest friends deserve the greatest attention.

Place cards with silver flowers

You can use silver or golden flowers with place cards at your wedding table.

Various combinations

Bouquets can be made of silver or white, yellow, or pink gold. The flowers can be combined with suitable dry or living flowers (usually ones with small blossoms). The silver is of 925/1000 fineness, the gold of 585/1000 or 750 /1000 fineness. On agreement, finer metals can be used. Individual bouquets can contain anywhere from 10 to over 100 flowers per vase. Large amounts of silver or golden flowers are usually delivered within 3 weeks of ordering. We’d love to help you arrange large amounts of flowers.

Silver and golden flowers give you multiple options in terms of decorating your space or engaging your creativity. If you have your own vision or would like some advice, contact us.