GIYOU 2023 and our thanks

Words cannot describe what 2023 meant for GIYOU. It was the start of a whole new product we couldn’t be sure would be received well; the beginning of the unexpected interest shown by the public, media, and celebrities; of our personal development, of our passion being turned into a business that would go on to sell flowers all over the world. And most importantly it was the year when we gained much joy from our work, met many wonderful people, enjoyed the enthusiasm of our customers, and made plans for the future.

January 2023

After launching our silver flowers in November 2022 and opening a showroom the same year in December, in January 2023 we started making flowers of gold as well. The very same month we received an order for what is likely the most valuable golden bouquet created in the modern world.

June 2023

The opening of GIYOU GARDEN at Jungmann Square in Prague. We keep focusing on the store and improving it.

February 2023

We prepared to open our first brick-and-mortar store in Prague, selected the location and design. We are glad to have been able to find a quiet place at a historic square in downtown Prague.

October 2023

We began working on new flower species, to be launched on the first day of spring in March 2024.

March 2023

We launched the Royal line -the bouquets Prague, Vienna, Berlin, New York, and Saky - and concluded the preparatory stages of manufacturing and selling flowers made of finer gold.

November 2023

We started intensely developing the 7 uses of our flowers which will be reflected in our products, communication, and new partnerships.

April 2023

We finished our globally unique golden bouquet. In our eyes, it signalled that we were on the right path.

December 2023

We continue redesigning our website and prepare to keep developing in 2024. 

Our passion for creating unique masterful flowers and enriching your lives remains. We are aware that the success of GIYOU is based not only on our work, but also on our relationship with customers, partners, and the public. These relationships have expanded quite a bit over the past year.

Nothing that happened with GIYOU could have been possible without you and we would hereby like to express our deepest thanks.