Engagement flowers instead of an engagement ring

Engagement flowers are a new alternative to traditional engagement rings - an opportunity to express your love in a way imbued with secrets and symbolism that are particular to you. How can they bring originality and personal meaning to the engagement ritual?

Evolving traditions, engagement alternatives

As human relationships and societies evolve, so do celebrations and societal customs. Some survive, others disappear. People are looking for alternatives, and engagement, too, is becoming a matter of personal preference. You can propose in a way that’s the most personal to you, one which is in line with your lifestyle and preferences.

Flowery engagement with no engagement ring

Engagement flowers of silver and gold are a beautiful, original alternative to traditional engagement rings. You might find they make your romantic moment all the more precious to you.

Nature’s charm

GIYOU engagement flowers were born from the founders’ fascination with nature, following up on the tradition of flower gifting. They imbue your engagement ritual with elements of nature and beauty, strengthening human connections and reminding you of the beauty that’s all around you.

Gentleness and beauty

Flowers are associated with gentleness, beauty, and natural harmony. From time immemorial, people viewed natural elements as symbols of love, joy, and human connection. Engagement flowers of silver and gold emphasise this gentleness and beauty and serve as a gentle, romantic gesture of love.

Token of joyful love and attraction

GIYOU engagement flowers are about a dance of love, attraction, and responsible freedom. Perhaps you find relationships informed by such values appealing.


Jewel flowers are one of a kind, handmade using a jewellery-making technique to ensure each one is a work of art and provides you with a unique originality, as well as a touch of surprise.

Universal, endless appeal

When using engagement flowers, there’s no need to worry about selecting an engagement ring of the right size or wonder whether your beloved will like and wear it. Flowers have a universal appeal which isn’t subject to fashion trends, and thus precious engagement flowers will give you endless joy.

Flowers for understated and luxury engagement

You can use a single or symbolic two engagement flowers, or opt for a small or large bouquet of silver or gold. Read our tips on choosing engagement flowers here. They will accommodate your desire both for understated romantic symbols and grand engagement gestures.

Those most discerning among you might draw inspiration for your engagement from our Royal flowers or bespoke products, laying the groundwork for an exceptional wedding proposal.

You can present the flowers as you would fresh-picked meadow ones, or in a gift box. We can also bind your engagement bouquet for you.

Original engagement with Eternity flowers

And if you’re interested in something that makes for an even more original wedding proposal, choose an Eternity engagement bouquet. Propose with an engagement bouquet and add a new flower every year to express your endless love and confirm your lasting commitment.

Decorating your home after engagement

After the wedding proposal, the engagement ring is worn on the finger. Engagement flowers elevate your shared home in a vase instead, always keeping you company and removing the dilemma of what to do with the ring once the wedding is over.

Unique Czech jewel flowers are a charming opportunity for you to bring some originality and special meaning into your wedding proposal. We’ll be glad to hear about your experience with “flower engagement”.