“We imagined a man giving a silver flower to a woman and it decorating her home; a woman collecting her own flowers into a bouquet; gifts in the form of impressive golden flowers, adorning celebrations and institutions; brides holding them, receiving them as a wedding proposal; them accumulating in family generation vases. And most of all, gradually becoming a symbol of fine grace, stability, value, and joyful effortlessness.”
Milada Blahova Design & Art
"Our goal in GIYOU isn’t just to be a manufacturer and a store where you can purchase our flowers. We would like to be a place that helps you enrich your or someone else’s life. We’re involved in the design and manufacture, make sure you have a pleasant shopping experience, provide consulting, and help with shipping, arranging, and placing the flowers in your space. What we concern ourselves with is flowers. Allow us to be your personal supplier of jewellery flowers."
Radek Blaha CMO


From the customer care you can meet: Nela, Katerina, Natálie and Laura.