Binding bouquets

You can order your silver bouquet bound or unbound. We bind flower bouquets of 10 to 50 flowers. Both versions have their benefits. Unbound bouquets look lovely and can be placed in a vase, for example, or arranged in any way you like. When bound, on the other hand, the flowers stick better together. It is a matter of preference.

Naturally, the binding can be loosened at any time and the bouquet used unbound. By binding flowers into bouquets, a special product is not created, the product is still individual flowers. Wedding bouquets are always sold bound.

Bouquets are carefully bound using floristry supplies (fine wire, foam rubber, and florist tape) to make sure the bouquet retains its correct, nice shape. Please inform us whether you want your bouquet bound or not in the order form. If you do not include this information we assume you are ordering your bouquet unbound. 

We do not bind usually golden flowers.