Sugahara vase, Rectangular Stone, Tan

Hand-blown glass, Rectangular Stone, Tan, 7 cm

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The vase is a part of a collection of miniature vases by the Japanese glass-maker Sugahara. Sugahara produces glassware of unsurpassed beauty and quality. The 7 cm fine vase has soft hand-blown curves. The Sugahara company which dates as far back as 1932 strives to make its manufactured glass products as warm as the human body, making sure they put a smile on your face when you hold them.

Material: hand-blown glass
Size (width x height): 5 x 7 cm
Colour: tan

Each Sugahara vase is unique and individually manufactured. The vase you’ll receive might differ slightly from what you see online. Due to the nature of the material, a few small bubbles or lines may be present.

The vase highlights wonderfully the fine beauty of GIYOU jewellery flowers and is suitable for small silver or golden GIYOU flowers (violets, daisies, etc.), be they single pieces or a bouquet of up to 15-25 flowers.