Why wedding flowers?

Wedding flowers for a charming wedding without wedding rings

Discover the masterful craftsmanship of silver and gold flowers and the new symbolism they can bring into the ceremony and your relationship

Wedding traditions and the symbolism of wedding flowers

As society evolves, so do our relationships. Some traditions disappear. People are looking for alternatives and wedding symbolism becomes a matter of personal preference. Highlight your wedding day with a symbol which best reflects your life and values.

GIYOU flowers were born from the founders’ fascination with nature, following up on the tradition of flower gifting. They’re about the dance of love, joy, and attraction. Perhaps these are the values you find important to you and your relationship.

Getting married with wedding flowers

Instead of exchanging gifts at the ceremony, exchange the precious beauty of nature and combine your flowers into a bouquet of your shared life.

Universal attractiveness of flowers

When picking wedding flowers, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right size or style or whether you’ll wear them in a few years’ time as you would with wedding rings. Flowers’ charm and attractiveness are universal, not subject to fashion trends. Plus, GIYOU flowers are a one of a kind and bring a sense of unique originality into your wedding.

In a vase in your shared home

Once the wedding is over, your precious bouquet will always be with you, placed in a vase as home décor and passed down through the generations. And you don’t have to worry the flowers will end up forgotten in a drawer or collecting dust on a shelf which is a real risk with wedding flowers.

For understated and grand gestures

Wedding flowers highlight your big day with their subtle grace. Be it a single or two flowers, a small or large bouquet of silver or gold, GIYOU flowers are a great choice both as an understated and grand wedding symbol.

Meaning of wedding jewellery

The meaning of wedding rings and wedding flowers lies in the symbolism we ascribe to them. It’s not about a monetary, rather emotional value. You can also consider purchasing flowers made of a metal which doesn’t create emotional value in and of itself. And certainly don’t dismiss silver or flowers made of silver out of hand; they don’t deserve it.