Why Engagement Flowers?

A charm of Engagement Flowers and proposing without an engagement ring

You may find that proposing with Engagement Flowers is more original, romantic, and better reflects your values

Engagement traditions are evolving

As society evolves, some traditions disappear. People are looking for alternatives and engagement becomes a matter of personal preference. It’s becoming common to re-consider the ideas which produced the tradition of proposing with an engagement ring in the first place. There’s no single engagement tradition and no obligations. Propose in a way that’s the closest to you and reflects your lives and the story of your romance.

The symbolism of Engagement Flowers

GIYOU engagement flowers were born from the founders’ fascination with nature, uniquely transformed to follow up on the tradition of flower gifting. They’re about the dance of love, attraction, and responsible freedom.

Originality and surprise

GIYOU engagement flowers are one of a kind, uniquely original and surprising. Which is what getting engaged should be about. Present the flowers like you would any meadow flowers you just picked, or in a gift box.

Universal attractiveness of flowers

When choosing engagement flowers, you don’t have to worry about whether your beloved will even use them like you would with an engagement ring. The flowers’ charm and attractiveness is universal, timeless, and not subject to fashion trends.

Home and always in sight

Unlike engagement rings, an engagement bouquet will decorate your home and will always be in sight, reminding you of your big romantic moment and decision. This also removes any dilemma regarding what to do with your engagement rings once the wedding is over. 

Flowers for understated romance and grand declarations

You can use a single or symbolic two flowers, or a small or large bouquet of silver or gold to make a proposal. The flowers are suitable for understated and grand gestures. You can also compile them into a set with wedding flowers.

Meaning of Engagement Jewelry

The meaning of the engagement ring or engagement flowers is in the symbol it represents to you. It's not a numerical value, it's an emotional value. So consider the kind of metal that doesn't create emotional value on its own. And do not reject silver and flowers of silver beforehand, for they do not deserve it. 

An alternative to an engagement from a magical garden

Get inspired by a charming alternative to engagement. Discover the uniqueness of GIYOU flowers, their masterful craftsmanship and the new symbols it brings to betrothals.